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Ndihma për probleme të papritura

Whether you notice that something is missing, not working, or you don’t feel safe, let your Host and Airbnb know immediately. Learn how to navigate the unexpected, including how to use the Resolution Center.

Communication concerns 

Need to talk to your Host? Check your message thread for their email and phone number (you can call them from the Airbnb app). If you need something—like your check-in details or instructions—check your reservation’s itinerary page. And we’re here to help if you need it!

If you can’t get in touch with your Host
Where to find the Host’s contact info if you can’t reach them and how to reach us if you need extra help. 

Paying outside of Airbnb
What to do if a Host asks you to pay outside of Airbnb or through another company.

Solutions for the unexpected 

If something happens during your stay—it’s not clean upon arrival or you break something—let your Host know as soon as possible. Make sure to take photos too (it helps the Host and Airbnb understand the issue). You can request a refund of the cleaning fee, or cancel your reservation within 24 hours of noticing the issue. If it’s something else, like you need to send your Host money, head to the Resolution Center.

Dealing with breakages during a stay
How to contact your Host if you break something, and where to send money if you do.

What to do if the place you’re staying in isn’t clean at check in
How to reach out to your Host for help when your stay isn’t as expected.

How the Resolution Center helps you
Learn how to request or send money for things related to your Airbnb trip.

If you feel unsafe during a trip
Steps to take and resources available.

If you’re injured on an Airbnb Experience
What to do if you’re injured or require medical attention while on an Experience.

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