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Viewing upcoming or paid payouts

You can always check the status of your payouts in your earnings dashboard.

In the earnings dashboard, the Paid section allows you to view all previously received payouts or adjustments. The Upcoming section allows you to view all scheduled payouts and adjustments along with the date they will be released.

You can filter both upcoming and paid payouts by payout method (for paid payouts only), listing, date, month, and year. You can multi-select filters on desktop and native platforms. 

Understanding payout adjustments

An adjustment is an amount of money a host owes to Airbnb Luxe as a result of a cancellation, reservation change, or violation of our Guest Refund Policy. It reflects a negative amount in your earnings dashboard. You can always check the status of an adjustment in your earnings dashboard.

    Adjustments are applied against the payout method of the associated reservation and automatically deducted from the next scheduled payout. If your reservation follows Payout Routing Rules, the adjustment will be split according to the percentages that you have set up, on a per-listing basis. Please note that this excludes adjustments and refunds approved through the Resolution Center.

    Payouts may be blocked if your account balance is negative, including on a particular routing rule (specific bank details associated with certain listings), and will only resume once new payouts have been released.

    Understanding resolution adjustments

    A resolution payout or adjustment in your earnings dashboard may not include guest or reservation information in the interface. To find out more information about a resolution, please follow these steps:

    1. Identify the resolution ID in the earnings dashboard, which will appear as follows: Resolution adjustment for resolution 12345678
    2. Go to Resolutions and append the resolution ID
    3. The Resolution page will show information about the reservation that can be used to locate the specific reservation

    Why am I not receiving a payout?

    There are various situations where you may not have received an expected payout, including, but not limited to:

    • You have not yet reached the payout release date as specified in your earnings dashboard
    • Your hosting account balance is negative due to payout and/or resolution adjustments
    • You have not set up a payout method
    • Your minimum payout amount has not been met
    • Your account requires verification

    For help with the issues above, please reach out directly to Airbnb customer service.

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