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Shkëmbimi i mesazheve në 3 mënyra me Luxe

General Hosting guidelines and best practices:

Your support is essential to Luxe trip designers, who are responsible for delivering trip planning services to our guests. Therefore, when it comes to live messaging through the Airbnb inbox, it is best practice for Luxe Hosts to:

  • Be responsive to Trip Designers and answer any questions they may have in the chat
  • Actively message with guests 48 hours before arrival to ensure a seamless check-in process
  • Continue to be available and responsive during the guest stay for any on-site emergencies
  • When in doubt or dealing with sensitive situations in the 3-way messaging thread, email the Trip Designer separately to clarify or further discuss

Communicate with your guest and your Trip Designer through 3-Way Messaging

3-way messaging allows you to communicate with guests who are requesting to book your property or who have a confirmed booking. Once a guest requests to book your listing (via Request to Book), or a booking is confirmed (via Instant Book), a Trip Designer is assigned to the file so you can work together to ensure a successful stay. You can access messaging threads via your inbox on your computer or your mobile.

We encourage you to actively use this feature to communicate with the guest and the Trip Designer at the same time. This will be particularly helpful for you at various stages of a guest trip including, but not limited to:

  • Requests to Book: Gather details and answer questions from the guest following an online Request to Book to make sure your home is the right fit for their stay. Please remember that in gathering any information from and communicating with guests, it is important that you comply with Airbnb’s Non-Discrimination Policy.
  • Pre-trip: Coordinate services needed for the guest’s trip, ensuring guest requests are answered in a timely manner and with a detailed level of service. Many guests are anxious to start planning their trips and often expect responses within hours of booking. 3-Way Messaging allows you to work closely with the Trip Designer to provide rapid and accurate responses, even in each other’s absence. We encourage you to participate throughout the trip planning process at your chosen level of involvement.
  • Check-in: Communicate to ensure a seamless guest arrival.
  • On trip: Keep an active conversation with your guests so they know you care.
  • Checkout or post trip: Develop relationships with guests beyond their imminent stay and increase your potential for repeat bookings.

Trip Designers will still contact you via email to verify availability and pricing or discuss guests’ trip plans. After a booking is confirmed, if you need to have a conversation that should only include the Trip Designer, you can reach out to them directly via email.

Searching threads and sending messages

Guest information and reservation details are always available in the Details section on the right sidebar of the inbox for each messaging thread. Read on for more information.

Luxe Support

In some instances, the 3-way messaging thread is not the right channel to ask for support. Here are some examples of such cases:

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