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Here’s the good news: Your money is coming! But when will you get it?

We’ll send your payout about 24 hours after a guest checks into your place, and your payout method will determine how long it takes for you to receive the money. Find the average processing times below.

If the reservation is a monthly stay, we’ll send the first month’s payout about 24 hours after the guest checks in, and we’ll send any payouts monthly after that. Learn more about how payouts for monthly stays work.

Note: Co-Host payouts are usually released at the same time as Host payouts, and the info here also applies to them. You can learn more about how Co-Host payouts work.

Average processing time

As soon as Airbnb releases your payout, it’s sent for processing before it arrives with your payment provider. This means some additional time is usually needed for the money to settle in your account.

  • Fast Pay: 30 minutes or less once Airbnb releases the payout (available for US only)
  • Bank account: 5 – 7 business days
  • PayPal: Within 1 business day
  • Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard: Within 24 hours
  • International wire: 3 – 7 business days
  • Western Union: 1 business day, depending on country/region
  • MLC card (Cuba only): 3-5 business days

Review your payout settings

Be sure to set up at least one payout method so you can get paid. You can always check the status of your payout in your earnings dashboard.

If you have multiple listings with check-ins on the same day, your money will usually be sent as a single payout. If you have a minimum payout amount set, your payout won’t be sent until that amount is met.

Weekend or holiday delays

Banking systems don’t process transactions on weekends or holidays, so your money will be processed the next business day. Contact your bank directly if you have any questions.

Fast Pay and Payoneer allow payouts to be processed and sent on weekends and holidays.

Timing and transfer reviews

All transactions may be reviewed before they’re sent. For example, we may review a transaction in order to prevent fraud. This could result in funds being delayed, paused, or, in rare cases, removed from your account. In these cases, we may be required to limit account permissions and payment transfers, and you may be asked to provide additional information to verify your identity.

Reviews are part of standard processes that many companies like Airbnb conduct in order to prevent fraud and comply with regulations.

Fees may apply

In some cases, the financial institution or payout method you use to get your money may charge an additional fee(s). For more information, learn about calculating your payout.

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