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Benicia, CA

When deciding whether to become an Airbnb Host, it is important for you to understand the laws in your city. We recommend that you do your own research as this article isn’t fully comprehensive and, as a platform and online marketplace, we do not provide legal or tax advice. Nonetheless, we want to help provide resources that may help you better understand the laws and regulations in the City of Benicia. This list is not exhaustive, but it may give you a good start in understanding your local laws. If you have questions, you can visit the Benicia Short Term Rental Page and contact the Planning Division at for individual application requirements or consult a local lawyer or tax professional.

Airbnb doesn’t update this article in real time and isn’t responsible for the reliability or correctness of the information contained in any links to third party sites. Please check each source and make sure that the information provided hasn’t recently changed.

Hosts in Benicia are required to obtain a permit from the Planning Division to host short-term stays. Read the full ordinance.

Getting started

  1. Obtain a permit for the business from the Planning Division.
  2. Register for a Business License online and pay the affiliated fee. Note – issuance of a business license does not authorize short-term rental use.
  3. Submit a completed Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) form to the Community Development Department. This is how taxes will be assessed and collected for the short-term rental businesses. Please visit the Economic Development Division’s website for further information.

What are the permits?

  • Zoning Permit: An application authorizing approval of short-term rentals, where they are allowed and do not require a use permit. The zoning permit includes standard conditions of approval to ensure that the short-term rental operation is compliant with land use regulations, avoids potential nuisance issues, and upholds public health and safety.
  • Use Permit: An application to permit the operation of a short-term rental business beyond what is allowed under standard land use regulations as a bed and breakfast. This permit requires a public hearing before the Zoning Administrator.

For additional requirements and information please visit the Benicia Short-Term Rental Page.

Additional information


The initial application fee for a Hosted Short-term Rental is $268

The initial application fee for a Non-hosted Short-term Rental is $1,224.

Everyone is responsible for the 9% Transient Occupancy Tax.

Renewals and other items

  • Renewals need to be done every two years and the City of Benicia system will automatically provide renewal notices
  • For unhosted stays, there is a two night minimum stay requirement and they have an annual rental limit of 120 nights

Other contracts and rules

It's also important to understand and abide by other contracts or rules that bind you, such as leases, condo board or co-op rules, HOA rules, or rules established by tenant organizations. Please read your lease agreement and check with your landlord if applicable.

Our commitment to your community

We are committed to working with local officials to help clarify how local rules impact the community. We will continue to work with local leaders on rules that simultaneously address community concerns and protect the economic benefits of home sharing for homeowners and local communities that rely on tourism.

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