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Duke testuar shpejtësinë e WiFi

Guests are looking for places to stay that aren't just comfortable, but connected, too. By testing the wifi speed in your space and adding the test results to your listing page, you can help guests decide whether your place is a good fit for them.

The internet speed test measures your connection’s upload and download speed. It affects things like watching videos, transferring large files, and even how fast a web page loads.

Testing your wifi using your Airbnb app

To run the speed test, you’ll need to be at your place using the Android or iOS app, and your device will need to be connected to the wifi network in your listing details.

  1. In the Airbnb app, Tap Profile  and then tap Switch to hosting
  2. Tap Listings and tap the listing you want
  3. Under Your space, select Amenities
  4. Tap to add the WiFi amenity
  5. Under Wifi details, tap Start test
  6. After the results are displayed, tap Save
  7. If your wifi speed is 50 Mbps or above, your listing will be highlighted as having fast wifi

When you tap or click Start test, you’re sharing your IP address and other details about your internet connection with Measurement Lab (M-Lab), a third-party testing service, to be processed by them in accordance with their privacy policy. M-Lab incorporates your test results (including your IP address) into their collection of global internet performance data and makes this information publicly available to advance internet research. Your internet speed will also be shared with Airbnb.

This feature is only available on iOS and Android today and currently isn’t available for desktop.

Adding your wifi details

When you provide info about your wifi connection on your listing page, make sure your guests have the exact details they'll need to get online.

    Note: Be sure to Include case sensitive letters (capitalization) as well as spaces, dashes, punctuation, or any special characters.

    How the test measures your wifi speed

    M-Lab’s speed test measures your internet connection’s download speed—that’s how fast information can transfer to you. It affects things like watching videos, transferring large files, and even how fast a web page loads.

    Your test results depend on a number of factors, including:

    • The specific network or equipment setup at your listing
    • Network conditions (like available bandwidth and other activity happening on your network)
    • Where testing servers are located

    Learn more from M-Lab.

    When using the speed test, you’re responsible as a Host for making sure the wifi speed shown on your listing page is accurate, available throughout the listing, and representative of what guests can expect when they stay at your place.

    Understanding your wifi speed test result


    What it means for your guests

    0 Mbps

    • No wifi available.
    • You either don’t have wifi or can’t connect. Try rebooting your router or moving to another space in your property.

    1 - 6 Mbps

    • Your wifi is basic.
    • Guests can check messages and browse the web.

    7 - 24 Mbps

    • Solid wifi speed.
    • Guests can stream HD videos.

    25 - 49 Mbps

    • Snappy wifi speed
    • Guests can stream 4K videos and join video calls.

    50+ Mbps

    • Wow! Fast wifi speed
    • Guests can stream 4k videos and join video calls on multiple devices. We highlight fast wifi at the top of your listing as a feature

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