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Si të veproj

Verifikimi i listimit

Guests shouldn’t have to worry that a listing is fake or isn’t where it says it is. That’s why we’ve built a new system to verify listings on Airbnb. To verify a listing, Hosts will need to demonstrate that the listing is a real home, at an accurate location, and that they have access to that location.

We’re beginning to prompt Hosts to verify listings in select countries, and more will be added throughout 2024.

If you’re required to verify your new or existing listing, we’ll let you know which methods are available for you when we ask you to verify.

For more information about how we use and protect the information you share with us, check out our Privacy Policy and learn more about trust and safety at Airbnb.

Note: A listing being “Verified” only means that the Host has provided info in order to complete our listing verification process. This process has safeguards, but is not a guarantee that a listing is what the Host claims it to be. For more information on the process of verification, including the many ways Hosts may have their listings considered verified, please see below.

Why we verify listings

Verifying listings helps us to scan for fraudulent behavior and makes it easier for guests to book with confidence and locate their listing upon arrival.

When we verify your listing

We’re beginning to prompt Hosts to verify new and existing listings in selected countries, and more will be added throughout 2024.

If you’re prompted to verify a new listing you’re creating, you’ll need to complete this step before your listing can be published.

When prompted to verify an existing listing, you’ll have 90 days to complete the process. After that, your calendar will be blocked from accepting new reservations until you’ve completed the verification process.

How the process works

There are several methods to verify your listing—each method usually takes around 15–30 minutes for most Hosts. You’ll be prompted to follow a pre-selected method according to various factors including (but not limited to) your region and tenure of your listing.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to choose a different method. You’ll only need to complete one method.

Most listing verification methods are done while onsite at your place. You may not need to complete an onsite listing verification method if one of the scenarios below applies to your listing:

  • Existing listings may be verified using a combination of data from previous bookings and guest reviews as well as Host-provided documentation.
  • Professional Hosts paired with a dedicated Airbnb account manager may be asked to attest to the accuracy of the listing.

Method 1: Match 2 photos

You’ll use the Airbnb app to take photos outside and inside of your place that match 2 selected photos from your listing details. It’s ok if some of the furnishings or decor have changed or moved since the original listing details photos were taken.

If you’re not able to take verification photos while onsite yourself, you’ll be able to submit recorded videos instead, or ask a friend to help you verify your listing.

To match photos, you’ll need to have wifi or good cell service and you may be prompted to enable location sharing and camera permissions before you start. You can choose whether to allow permissions ‘once’ for only your current session, or ‘while using the app’ for anytime you’re using the app.

If you have provided your consent previously or provide it via the location sharing prompt, Airbnb may use your location data to perform and verify a one-time match of your device’s location to that of your listing. If you have allowed Airbnb to use your location while using the app, location data may also be used to provide a better user experience, for example by showing nearby listings, or making it easier to list your space.

Si të krahasosh fotografitë:

Për të verifikuar listimin, duhet të hysh në llogarinë tënde duke përdorur aplikacionin Airbnb.

Nëse nuk mund të krahasosh fotografitë me aplikacionin, mund ta verifikosh në një mënyrë tjetër.

  1. Shko te Listimet dhe zgjidh listimin që do të verifikosh
  2. Kliko Plotëso hapat e kërkuar dhe më pas Verifiko listimin
  3. Për të shkarkuar ose hapur aplikacionin e Airbnb, kliko Shkarko aplikacionin
  4. Nëse nuk do të mund të krahasosh fotografitë duke përdorur aplikacionin, kliko Verifiko me një mënyrë tjetër për më shumë alternativa

Do të të njoftojmë brenda 24 orësh nëse listimi është verifikuar ose nëse na duhet më shumë informacion.

Method 2: Record 3 videos

You’ll use your phone’s video camera to record three short videos (less than 20 seconds each) of yourself at specific locations in and around the listing—inside near the front door, outside showing the exterior view, and a nearby street sign.

It’s ok if you’re not connected to the internet while you take the videos. Later on, you’ll upload all 3 videos into the Airbnb app or website from any location where you can connect to the internet.

Before you begin, you’ll be given a unique numeric code that will need to be visible in each video—for example, by writing the code on a sheet of paper and holding it up in each video.

You’ll also need to show your face briefly in each video. If your phone model doesn’t allow you to switch between exterior mode (rear facing) and selfie mode (front facing) while taking a video, you can flip the phone around to capture your face.

Once you’re ready, you can upload the videos from any location. You can upload up to 100 MB per video.

Si të regjistrosh videot:

  1. Shko te Listimet dhe zgjidh listimin që do të verifikosh
  2. Kliko Plotëso hapat e kërkuar dhe më pas Verifiko listimin
  3. Kliko Fillo me trajnimin praktik dhe mbaj parasysh udhëzimet. Një kopje do të dërgohet gjithashtu me email.
  4. Shkruaj kodin unik me 4 shifra të dhënë në udhëzimet në një letër. Kodi, si dhe një pamje për pak çaste e fytyrës sate duhet të shfaqen në të treja videot.
  5. Kur të jesh gati për të filluar, kliko E kuptova
  6. Në ambientin tënd, përdor videokamerën e telefonit (jo aplikacionin e Airbnb) për të regjistruar 3 videot e shkurtra sipas detajeve në udhëzimet dhe ruaji.
  7. Transfero videot nga galeria e telefonit në desktop
  8. Nga faqja Modifiko listimin ose emaili udhëzues, hap faqen Dërgo videot
  9. Kliko butonin Ngarko pranë çdo pamjeje dhe zgjidh videon e duhur nga galeria e videove. Videot mund t'i ngarkosh një nga një me radhë.
  10. Sigurohu që madhësia e çdo videoje të jetë më pak se 100 MB
  11. Pasi të tre videot të jenë ngarkuar, kliko Dërgo

Do të të njoftojmë brenda 24 orësh nëse listimi është verifikuar ose nëse na duhet më shumë informacion.

Method 3: Ask someone else to verify

Live in a different city from your listing? If you’re prompted to match photos or record videos but can’t be at the listing yourself, you can ask someone else to help you verify your listing by following one of the two methods outlined above on your behalf. They won’t be granted access to your Airbnb account nor any of your Host settings.

The person you designate to help will need to have access to your place and their own Airbnb account—if they don’t already have an account before you send them a request to help, they can create one before starting the verification process. They may be prompted to update their app to the latest version and allow camera and location sharing permissions.

You’ll be asked to provide the email address of the person you designate to help. We’ll send them detailed instructions by email and you’ll be notified once they’ve completed the process.

Si t'i kërkosh dikujt tjetër të bëjë verifikimin:

  1. Shko te Listimet dhe zgjidh listimin që do të verifikosh
  2. Kliko Plotëso hapat e kërkuar dhe më pas Verifiko listimin
  3. Kliko Verifiko në një mënyrë tjetërdhe më pas Kërkoji dikujt tjetër të bëjë verifikimin
  4. Shkruaj adresën e emailit të personit që do të të ndihmojë të verifikosh listimin
  5. Shto udhëzime shtesë për të, të tilla si udhëzimet e hyrjes në ambient
  6. Kontrollo kërkesën dhe kliko Dërgo

Do të të njoftojmë brenda 24 orësh nëse listimi është verifikuar ose nëse na duhet më shumë informacion.

Note: You must be logged in to enter your security code. If you’re unable to pick up your mail, a property manager or another authorized person may do so for you and provide you with the URL and code on the letter. We strongly discourage sharing your password.

Having trouble?

  • Install the latest version of the Airbnb app: Some features required to complete the listing verification process are not available on older versions of the Airbnb app. If you’ve been asked to match photos in the Airbnb app but the latest update isn’t available for your phone, you’ll be able to verify by recording videos and uploading them to your account on the Airbnb website instead. Alternatively, you can ask someone else to follow the verification process on your behalf using their phone.

  • Check your messages: You may have been sent additional information via text or email. Do you think you may have missed an email? Learn why.

  • Grant camera and location permissions: The Airbnb app may need permission to access your camera and location sharing. Still not working? Try refreshing the app.

  • Take high-quality photos: Take outside photos in daylight and indoor photos in a well-lit room. Shoot from the same angle as the photos you’ve been asked to match and keep the phone still while you snap. Make sure both verification photos are clear and in focus.

  • Keep videos short: If your video’s upload size is larger than 100 MB, try taking shorter videos or reduce the video quality in your phone camera settings.

If you still need assistance, contact us for support.

What we share

The information you share during the listing verification process is handled according to our Privacy Policy and isn’t shared with guests or published on your profile.

We may share your information with authorized third-party service providers to help support the listing verification process—including to detect fraud on our platform and verify your location.

How we use and manage your data

The information you share during the listing verification process is used to verify that:

  • The listing’s described location matches the property’s physical location.
  • The property described in the listing exists at the physical location referenced.
  • The Host or designated representative has access to the property.

Only authorized Airbnb personnel and authorized third-party service providers may access the information you submit. We keep your data in accordance with applicable laws and other legal requirements, including:

  • Time necessary to meet safety and anti-fraud requirements
  • Upholding Airbnb’s community guidelines

We delete personal data collected as part of the listing verification process in accordance with our retention periods and the purposes for which the data was collected, or when a data subject rights deletion request is processed. Under limited circumstances, we may retain personal data for legal compliance reasons or as otherwise allowed under applicable law.

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