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Modeli i çmimeve për pritësit në Japoni që përdorin API

Starting December 7, 2020, we’ll be switching your listings to Simplified pricing—a new service fee structure that gives you more control over the price guests pay.

  • Today, there are 2 service fee structures: Split-fee pricing with the service fee shared between hosts and guests, and Simplified pricing with the entire service fee covered by the host. After December 7, 2020, split-fee pricing will no longer be available for API connected hosts. That means a 15% service fee will be deducted from your payouts, and no fee will be charged to your guests—what you set is what guests will pay. 
  • Hosts who introduced simplified pricing early and applied a special discount, the service charge is currently set at 14%. This will be maintained until January 1, 2021 and will automatically change to 15% thereafter.

What changed?

Previously, all hosts in Japan that connected to Airbnb via an API were able to choose which fee to set. See Airbnb Service fees for more information. Based on feedback from hosts and guests, we've changed the pricing model for hosts using an API to connect to Airbnb.

  • After December 7, 2020, hosts will not be able to revert to the Split-fee pricing.
  • For hosts who are currently using split-fee pricing, adjustments are required to maintain similar income. Please take individual measures for your listings.

Who are the target hosts?

Any hosts connecting to Airbnb via API. There is no distinction between new / existing, listing type, residential / non-residential, etc.

What will happen to my bookings?

  • This change will only be applied to reservations accepted after December 7, 2020 (based on reservation date). Bookings that have already been confirmed before December 7, 2020 won’t be affected.
  • New Airbnb users after December 7, 2020 are regarded to have agreed to this new service pricing structure.

What action is required on the host side?

Nothing. All changes are made automatically, so no action is required on the host side. However, if you are a host who is currently using the split-fee pricing, you will need to adjust the price in order to maintain the same income.


What if the host connecting to the API disconnects from the API?

The Split-fee pricing will be applied to hosts who are not connected to Airbnb via an API.

Is this change applied to bookings made before December 7, 2020?

No. This change applies only to bookings accepted after December 7, 2020 (applied based on booking date). It does not affect reservations that have already been confirmed.

I’m a host operating by myself. Can I also use Simplified pricing?

The Simplified pricing is applicable to any host who connects to Airbnb via API. There is no distinction between individual, corporate, or hosting styles.

Does the change in fees mean that I need to change price settings?

If you’re a host currently using split-fee pricing, you may need to adjust the price in order to maintain the same income as before.

  • When using the Split-fee pricing, only the host service fee is deducted from the total host booking value, and the guest service fee is paid by the guest. In other words, from the guest's point of view, the guest service charge will be paid in addition to the charge set by the host.
  • When using the Simplified pricing, fee is applied by deducting the fee from the total booking value of the host, and there is no guest fee charge. In other words, the fee set by the host will be the amount paid by the guest.
  • If the host who is migrating from the split-fee pricing to the Simplified pricing wants to maintain the previous income amount, hosts may need to set the price by adding the Simplified pricing fee to the previous income amount.
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