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Kontrollet e aktivitetit penal

Keeping our Airbnb family safe is one of our top priorities. If we have at least a first name, last name, and date of birth for a US-based user who creates a listing, or is associated with a booking, we may perform a background check on that user. We also may perform background checks on India-based Hosts.

    How they work and what they entail

    1. We submit identifying information (which at a minimum includes first name, last name, and date of birth) to one of our approved background check providers
    2. They check the person’s identity against public records or publicly available databases

    What they mean for you

    Find out how the results of a background check can impact your stay or your ability to use Airbnb.

    Why you can’t rely on them alone

    Background checks aren’t the only factor to consider when deciding whether a guest or Host is suitable—they don’t guarantee that a person won’t break the law in the future.

    Why? Because background checks have limitations. Sure, they may help identify past criminal conduct or other red flags where records are available, but not always:

    • There may be gaps in public record searches due to the way certain databases are maintained
    • Online databases might only be updated periodically by local governments—which Airbnb doesn’t control or direct

    As a result, these database checks may not reveal comprehensive or recent criminal record activity. Continue to use your own judgment and follow these sensible safety tips.

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