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Beginner Surfing Experience /Learn to Surf in Venice
This lesson is perfect for you if you have never surfed before or if you are a beginner/intermediate surfer looking to advance your skills. My main goal is for you to have an excellent experience surfing and get the knowledge and emotions that will stay with you forever! The classes are taught by myself or one of our great instructors. We usually have the 2nd instructor helping in the water when the group exceeds 6 people. Your safety is our main priority that is why all of our lead instructors are ISA (International Surf Association), CPR and First Aid certified, we obtain Water Safety Specialists certificates (surfing instructor safety training) and I also completed 2 Level surf instructors program with ISA. Your lesson will consist of two parts. For the first 20-30 minutes you’ll be training on the beach, then it’s about 60-80 minutes with an instructor in the ocean. The remaining time is yours to practice your skills and have fun. Surfboards and wetsuits are provided and included in the price. We don't use 'one size fits all' Wavestorm boards - we offer custom boards in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. You will also have an option to store your belongings and valuables locked in our cool surf bus. If you want to book for kids under 12 yo - please contact me directly for private lessons or visit our website www.funsurfla.com OUR SCHOOL IS LICENSED AND PERMITTED
L.A. Highlights in One Day!
If you don't see a date you want, please send us a message with the date you're interested and how many people.. This is a great experience if you're short on time and not sure how to squeeze in everything during your stay, and/or if you want to see the city with a local and decide what places you would like to go back to visit! We are Los Angeles locals and love to share our city and also happy to give you recommendations for the rest of your visit. We will drive around and visit Los Angeles highlights starting in Downtown Los Angeles and make our way to Santa Monica Beach. We will have time to explore each location and get some pictures. This experience starts in Downtown LA and finishes in Santa Monica, giving you the opportunity to make it a beach day or to explore the area on your own. There is a metro that can take you back to Downtown LA if needed. Places we'll visit: Grand Central Market Griffith Observatory Hollywood Sign Hollywood Walk of Fame Chinese Theatre Dolby Theatre The Grove The Farmers Market (lunch break!) Beverly Hills Venice Beach Santa Monica Beach We provide free transportation in our vehicle. Other things to note - We begin at the Grand Central Market in Downtown LA and end in Santa Monica. There's a metro station in Santa Monica that can take you back to Downtown LA. - End time varies depending on traffic. - No animals allowed - No luggage storage - Tips are never required, but always appreciated :)
Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree National Park
Experience Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree National Park with certified local guides! We will meet at the National Park Visitor's Center, in the Town of Joshua Tree. After a short ‘meet and greet' and discussion of the day's agenda, we will drive to our climbing destination. You will be fit with climbing gear and have a chance to use the restroom before leaving the parking area. A short walk to the rocks will allow time to discuss local flora and fauna, the unique geologic history of the area, or a brief intro to rock climbing culture. When we arrive at the climbing area, our guides will set up climbs and teach basic techniques. All members of the group will have the opportunity try climbing and receive expert coaching along the way. Our programs end in the park. We suggest that you plan accordingly to stay and explore a little on your own once we've finish. Other things to note: Make sure you bring a phone or camera to take awesome pictures! Check the forecast and wear appropriate clothing. Hiking shoes for the approach, and light pants to protect your knees while climbing. You must provide your own transportation and cannot ride into the park with us.
Sacred Sound and Tea Ceremony
~••~SACRED SOUND BATH~••~ A Sacred Sound Bath is a live, immersive, meditative experience which works acoustically on your brain, body, and soul. As you sit or lie down with eyes closed, sound vibrations wash over you, taking you on an expansive inward journey. Similar to meditation, sound baths stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. You'll leave feeling relaxed, centered, energized, and uplifted. Sound Healing is an ancient-modern practice which comes in many forms across all cultures. ~ HEART CHAKRA TEA CEREMONY~ A Heart Chakra Tea Ceremony is an opportunity to connect with yourself and open your heart. Each chakra has a variety of herbs and flowers that stimulate and activate the chakras. Tea Ceremonies are a way to immerse into the power of the present, and increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra. The Ceremony aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space. It is your bridge for self reflection, healing, and inward expansion.
LA's Top Surfing Experience
Before you come: We will try and contact you to size you for a wetsuit/board to help speed up the pre-lesson portion, and also give you an update on the conditions for your lesson. 20 minutes before the lesson: We will have you sign a waiver and get into your wetsuit. First 45min- hour of lesson: We will be on land and cover all of the basics, technique, and safety. The following 30-40 minutes: we'll be in the water together. I'll help you get into waves and give you instruction in the water to help you surf your first wave(s) The remaining time: you'll show what you've learned, We'll be a little more hands-off and either join you in the water or watch from the beach. At the end of the lesson: we'll head back dry off and change out of the wetsuits. --------- A couple of other notes : - If you'd like a private lesson feel free to message me - We will treat you like a person, not a number: We keep smaller classes (7 people or less unless specially requested otherwise) for a more individualized experience. We won't 'stack' our classes back to back and leave time between classes. This means you have time to change before and after class without cutting into your lesson time, you actually get a full class. - We include free photos and mean it, no deceptive pricing tiers. Free is free. - We take care of our equipment, no tattered wetsuits, no faded/falling apart boards.

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An international tv will be filming Jackie's cooking class
PRICES: 1 guest - $220 ($220/person) 2 guests - $330 ($165/person) 3 guests - $396 ($132/person) 4 guests - $528 ($132/person) A great gift for friends, Family & Beloved Join & indulge in a SEVEN-COURSE-DINNER/LUNCH: which includes a Soft or Alcoholic Drink. Appetizers of freshly toasted sesame pita bread come w typical Mid-Eastern flavored bites. 1 Entrée of many choices like Shawarma, Kebab, Shish Tawook or Tahini Fish for meat lovers & Falafel, Mujaddara or Rice Pilaf for vegetarians. 2 choices of Hummus/ Baba ghannouj/ Ful Mudammas or Fattoush. We’ll end our meal w Turkish coffee or tea & your choice of either Hareesah, Lebanese Nights, or Knafeh for dessert Join me in my private kitchen for a day or evening of exquisite Middle Eastern cuisine & specially prepared beverages We’ll start off w a welcome drink. During our time together, you’ll be taught how to prepare & cook the fresh, tasty & unique dishes that I’ll serve you. They’ll be prepared from the recipes that local people use in the Middle East every day. I'll also share some of our best-kept secrets on how to prepare some of our most notable foods While cooking you’ll enjoy a positive atmosphere, laughing, learning & maybe even belly dancing. It’ll be a private lunch/dinner, where we’ll share stories about Middle Eastern food & traditions After booking, I’ll send you a menu w more options & ingredients.
Discovering the real Tijuana
Guests will be transported from a centrally-located site in San Diego county to the international border in San Ysidro. With a Permit application already completed by host from information provided by guests, crossing the border will be cut from a potential 1 hour to about 10 minutes. Along with a brief historical account and cultural explanation, the experience will include a visit to the Friendship Park, a stroll through historic Revolucion street, as well as a the visit to several iconic areas of the city which will lead to a better understanding of its development. Visitors will also explore a colorful local market, where they will interact with local vendors, learn about, and have the opportunity to sample indigenous foods. The tour will conclude with a visit to a local food court where guests will have the opportunity to savor Tijuana's fusion cuisine, also known as Baja-Med. Finally, they will be driven to the international border, picked up and taken back to the original meeting location in San Diego. The host will escort guests the entire time. Other things to note -Valid passport ** Due to the recent re-opening of the border, the wait to come back to the US has been unusually long. Please expect to wait between 1.5 - 2 hours.
Learn To Eat Fire
Cat is international award-winning variety performer Vixen DeVille with 15 years experience in Fire Eating and Flame Manipulation. At the historic Zephyr Theatre on famous Melrose Ave she will take you through the theory and safety precautions behind fire eating and body burning. We'll then actually light up the torches and explore this performance art fully with hand transfers, tongue transfers and of course, extinguishing the flame with your mouth. This is NOT an illusion! By the end of the session you'll be fire eating and body burning like a pro. Other things to note: Wear close-fitting clothes, sleeveless is ideal and either leggings or shorts. Flat shoes, no heels. Avoid wearing lipstick or body moisturizer & avoid use of hairspray. Long hair should be tied back. This experience is available for the single traveller but also ideal to book as a private event for a group experience or for team-building - please contact me for more availability if your preferred date and time isn't currently listed.
Create Hollywood Sound FX!
Experience moviemaking magic with me Adam, 4-time Emmy nominated Hollywood Foley Artist. Movies: Spider Man No Way Home, Venom 2, Jumanji 2, many more! TV shows: Flight Attendant, Cleaning Lady, New Girl, Fargo, Lost, hundreds more! We'll be at my home studio where we start with a talk about the art of Foley and how it's used in every TV show and movie. (Bone breaks, sword shings, cowboy footsteps, kissing!...) "Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience" "We had tons of fun" Next, it's time for you to star in your very own movie, where you’ll recreate an epic sword battle! "Action!" After we yell “Cut!” you’ll tour my collection of professional Foley props I've used in some of your favorite shows like Atlanta, Lost, Sunny in Philly, Key & Peele, The Good Doctor. and many more. You then get to use these props to create the sounds for your movie! Do your best and make it loud! And even add your own voice-over! Like the stars! Then it's time to laugh and be amazed when we play back your film with your very own Foley and voices! So take a peek behind the Hollywood curtain and gain a new perspective on what it takes to make the movies so magical! Please contact me for dates and times not shown.
Run with the Pack
Tap into your wild side as you spend time with wolfdogs and learn the powerful lessons they have to teach in this intimate group experience! Beginning with a visit to our wolfdog compound, you'll meet the 30-plus rescues, hear their backstories, and meet some of the pack to interact one-on-one. You might even get a kiss (or two or three)! You’ll also get to walk alongside them during a light hike through the Angeles National Forest, where you’ll become one of the pack and further solidify your bond with the animals. NOTE: Please wear closed-toe boots or shoes, long pants, and weather-appropriate layers. Do not wear fur or dangling jewelry. If you have a cast or physical limitation, please notify us in advance.

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Wild Mustangs & Natural Horsemanship
This is a natural horsemanship experience for all skill levels - beginner to advanced and covering various aspect of horsemanship and communication with the magnificent wild mustangs rounded up from US wilderness. Participants will work with mustangs and choose either a training or riding experience. The training experience entails asking the horse to move left/right and forward/backward as well as changing speeds and stopping. First the horses will be moved using traditional rope halters. After gaining proficiency with ropes, we will move to liberty where we will move and control the 1000+ lb animals using ONLY our body language. No whips. No ropes. No equipment whatsoever. The riding experience will focus on prepping horses and riders. Natural horsemanship doesn't use bits in the horse's mouth. Instead ropes will be tools used to control the horses first from the ground and then on horseback. The terrain vary for every rider and is based on the proficiency of the rider and communication with the animal. Other things to note All abilities are welcome! Safety is of paramount importance for the participants and animals. Sessions are uniquely tailored to the desires and abilities of the participants along with the willingness and communication with the mustangs. We always have a great time with the animals! NOTE: Midweek sessions are available only by appointment only.
Hang Gliding
Take a tandem Hang Glider flight with an accredited instructor over Southern California. I'll handle the takeoff and landing, and you'll get to enjoy the amazing experience of soaring in a hang glider on a 15- to 45-minute flight. I’ll point out landmarks from above and explain how to maneuver the glider. If you’re up for it—and conditions allow—you may even get to take the controls for a bit. Other things to note This is a weather-dependent sport. Flight and flight times will vary based on weather.
Game of Thrones Dire Wolf Encounter Hike
Join us for an unforgettable “Bucket list” adventure as you hike alongside an Ambassador wolfdog who has starred starred in her debut film “The Midnight Trip” and is also the cousin to the wolfdogs used in Game Of Thrones, the t.v series “True Blood” and the movie “The Lion and The Wolf”. During this guided adventure you will be experiencing the everlasting bond between human and wolfdog. Capturing memories and some “selfies” you’ll get up close and personal with this amazing animal while your guide talks about wolves' habitat, behavior, & the myths and misconceptions surrounding this apex predator. You will come away feeling educated, invigorated and hopefully inspired to continue to promote the preservation of these majestic creatures. Times are flexible so please inquire if you’d like a personalized time. Other things to note No one under 15 years of age. Signed waivers will be required for all participants. If you’d like us to come to you, please book an entire slot (6 total spots appx $930) and we will arrange a meeting around the Riverside, San Diego and parts of Orange County area. This is different than booking a private encounter where you will still be at our Idyllwild location. Please reach out with any questions. No other dogs/animals allowed
Wings and Wine. A Falconry Experience
We will take a hawk for a walk thru a local vineyard. Our trained hawk will fly from your gloved hand to fly free over the vineyard and come back to you again. We will spend at least an hour interacting with the birds. You will meet a falcon, “Jack” the eagle owl (who you will fall in love with) and a Harris hawk that we will free fly in the vineyard. Afterwards we will go wine tasting the wine from the vineyard you were in. The winemaker “Larry” is a fun person to talk to as he will explain how he makes his wine and help you to enjoy his naturally grown grapes that make his wine unique. Other things to note This is an outdoor experience so dress appropriately. Rain or extreme winds will cause cancellations.
Sonic Butterfly
The Sonic Butterfly Experience takes you into the Ojai Cocoon, the enchanting studio of international installation and performing artist, Andrea Brook. Through an exquisite musical performance by the one of kind Sonic Butterfly, an acoustic, chromatic, long-string harp, with 60 foot strings and LED wings, Andrea will share with you the sight, sound and story of Sonic Butterfly. Audiences of all ages and backgrounds from Ojai locals to travelers from near and far LOVE Sonic Butterfly. Bring a group of friends, your partner, or the whole family to sit or lie beneath the strings for a full sensory one of a kind experience. It's like "being inside YoYo Ma's cello." "Andrea's performance exceeded my expectations." "An amazing musical experience- Andrea immersed us completely in her music." "What a wonderful experience!" Since 2001, Andrea Brook has presented visually and sonically stunning performances, transforming architecture and natural environments into large-scale musical instruments around the world and in a wide variety of locations including a cathedral in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a 9th Century Castle in Italy, and the Grand Theater in Shanghai. You can have this "phenomenal" "mesmerizing" "epic" 5-star experience in an intimate setting. This experience is great for groups, too! Andrea has cleaned. sanitized, and set up with plenty of space to keep everyone safe.

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Fotografi nga Balboa Park
Balboa Parkrekomandohet nga 1309 vendas
Fotografi nga San Diego Zoo
San Diego Zoorekomandohet nga 867 vendas
Fotografi nga Griffith Park
Griffith Parkrekomandohet nga 376 vendas
Fotografi nga Ocean Beach
Ocean Beachrekomandohet nga 261 vendas
Fotografi nga Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatoryrekomandohet nga 1754 vendas
Fotografi nga USS Midway Museum
USS Midway Museumrekomandohet nga 353 vendas

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Must Have L.A. Pictures!
If you don't see a date you want, please send us a message with how many people you'd like to book for and the dates you're available. Don't lose vacation time trying to find the angel wings mural, or figure out how to get a great picture close to the Hollywood sign. We will drive to some of the best photo-op spots in LA and help you take your pictures. As locals, we're happy to share interesting facts about the locations and neighborhoods we visit, and are happy to help with recommendations of things to do in LA. More details below- Where we'll be: -Get close to the HOLLYWOOD SIGN without spending hours hiking. -Angel Wings -Beverly Hills Sign and Lily Pond -LACMA (Urban Light) -Street lined with Palm trees -Pink Wall (if time permits) ..and possibly other local spots! *Locations vary depending on day. -We provide free transportation in our vehicle. -We take your picture using your own device (cell phone or camera). -The experience begins and ends in Hollywood, and will last about 3.5 hours, but may vary depending on traffic. Other things to note -Make sure your camera/phone is charged with enough storage. -You'll have time at each location to take pictures. -There will be some walking, so bring comfortable shoes. -No animals allowed -No luggage storage. Send a message if you have luggage. -Tips are never required, but always appreciated :)
The LA Safari City/ Mountains/ Coast
WELCOME TO LA'S COOLEST ADVENTURE TOUR! We will begin our 3 hour guided tour of both LA's most iconic areas... (MALIBU, SANTA MONICA, VENICE) and its hidden treasures only a lifelong local would know. We will uncover natural wonders that most tourist never get a chance to see... (HIDDEN BEACHES, LUSH MOUNTAIN PEAKS, LEGENDARY CANYON ROADS, AND SECRET VIEWPOINTS) I will provide my extensive insight while uncovering these locations. We will stop wherever you feel that you'd like to take a picture, and I will act as your groups personal photographer! WE WILL SPEND THIS UNFORGETTABLE DAY SEEING AMAZING NATURAL SIGHTS, VISITING ICONIC LANDMARKS AND AREAS, AND TAKING THE ULTIMATE PICTURES OF LA TO BE REMEMBERED FOR A LIFETIME. Other things to note *** As of Summer 2022 we will be touring in a classic 1980s convertible Chevy surfer van(pictures coming soon)*** I am a very skilled driver. I will provide blankets in case you get cold. Your enjoyment and safety is my number one priority.
The Hollywood Sign Hike & COMEDY Tour
My friends JB, Elko, Jon and I are comedians and actors who have done some work on NBC, ABC, and even Jimmy Kimmel Live! We're just 3 dudes trying to make it in LA. We're gonna tell you approx 3000 jokes (some dad-related) about Los Angeles, ourselves, our experiences in LA, maybe a Justin Bieber story? Also, no one has better dad jokes than us. Not even my own dad. (Sup Dad)! This experience is great for groups, teams, and individual solo travelers. We're about becoming best FRIENDS. At the start, I’m gonna hand you the best tasting WATER in the history of water. All that and we haven even walked yet? INCREDIBLE. From there, we'll have y'all laughing so hard at our jokes and stories that you'll forget that we are hiking up a hill to the Hollywood Sign. Did we just become best friends?? WHAT ABOUT THE PICTURES? We stop at the BEST PHOTO STOPS for your own Cover Shoot. I've designed this hike for Instagram and can GUARANTEE You'll get 10+likes/photo. You’ll receive PROFESSIONAL photos of the sign, the skyline, and scenic panoramas that may break the internet with likes. Other tours take 1-2 pictures. I'll give you 75+ (Best Friend Move). We've been doing this for 5 years and love being the LA ambassadors to the world. Let us be your friend in LA and show you how LA is done by an actual local and not a "tour company."
Professional Photo Tour
Please read this completely. Check the reviews also. We can meet anywhere in Los Angeles, between 8 and 12 am. You can tell me the places you want to go, or I can pick from 4 to 6 points of interest or landmarks (Parks, Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame, Santa Monica, etc....). At every place, a professional photo shoot, with as many pictures as you like, using your device or camera or, If you like, we can use my professional camera (with an extra charge). The pictures will be sent to you using cloud services, FTP, or you can save them in your device/flash storage unit. It’s basically having a personal photographer, tourist guide, personalized driver, and translator (English to Spanish or Portuguese), going onto up to 6 famous landmarks of Los Angeles and nearby areas. We can discuss other locations like “Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear Lake”. Also, you can choose the locations or I can plan our route going thru the favorite and most famous spots possible during the 6-hour tour. Transportation is negotiable. (We can rent a minivan for bigger groups, use your car or transportation apps.) Other things to note Bring cash for food and parking. Comfortable shoes.
Griffith Observatory Hike
This LA tour features the best views of the Los Angeles sprawl (including the Hollywood Sign!) and an exclusive, skip-the-line, insider’s Griffith Observatory museum tour! Your expert Los Angeles tour guide will lead you on a 3.5 mile (5.6 km) easy Griffith Park hike to the highest peak in the park. This LA sightseeing tour features the best views of LA you will ever get. As you take in those jaw-dropping views of Los Angeles, your Hollywood tour will feature fascinating tales of Hollywood History, up-close and personal sightseeing visits to famous filming locations, multiple stops for Instagram photos and bathroom breaks. Along the way, we’ll visit famous locations from films such as La La Land, Terminator, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future II, and Rebel Without a Cause. Once you’ve snagged some beautiful panoramic views from the summit, you’ll walk over to an overlook where you’ll get the picture-perfect shot of a Hollywood Sign viewpoint. Finally, you’ll head over to the Griffith Observatory and wrap up your Los Angeles tour with a grand finale of (literal) stars, unforgettable views, and memories to last a lifetime. Feel free to stay at the Griffith Observatory as long as you’d like! This experience is available daily. Guests wishing for the best possible Hollywood Sign photo should book our Hollywood Sign Hike.

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Strum and Learn Ukulele in Balboa Park
Playing the ukulele is fun, easy and makes you feel good! I'll provide you with a ukulele to borrow and by the end of your experience, you'll be able to play a few songs! I create a laid back and fun environment where you'll learn some ukulele while also exploring a bit of Balboa Park. This experience is catered toward absolute beginners, so no musical is necessary. Singing is encouraged, but absolutely no pressure to do so. Come prepared to learn something new and make music! We’ll meet in the picturesque Balboa Park at the Spanish Village Arts Center. We’ll hang out a bit at Spanish Village to learn some chords on the ukulele. Then we’ll meander to a handful of historic, photo worthy spots with our ukuleles.
Kayak in La Jolla (Sea Caves and Marine Reserve)
If you do not want to check-in inside the shop for COVID concerns, message me for outside check-in. La Jolla Bay is a Marine Protected Area that is home to a thriving ecosystem that boasts a high concentration of sea life, has a natural boat launch, which allows safe ocean entry year round, and is famous for its Sea Caves and Marine Reserve. No experience is required. Great for all skill levels. Your guide will kick things off with a paddle tutorial on the beach. If surf exists we will help push your kayak through any breakers. As we paddle through La Jolla’s Marine Reserve keep an eye out for Seals, Sea Lions, Sea Turtles, Pelicans, Dolphin and Gray whales in the fall/winter. Note: We cannot guarantee sea life. If conditions are safe we will help guide your kayak into Emerald Cave. If it's not safe to enter Emerald Cave, we will still paddle out & explore La Jolla's World Famous Marine Reserve. Note: if not safe we WILL NOT enter the Emerald Cave, we don't cancel if the cave isn't safe and spend about a minute inside. La Jolla Bay is an Uncontrollable Environment. Please come enjoy this place we love knowing each day is different than the last. La Jolla is a popular place to kayak, SUP and surf year long. Satisfaction Guarantee. Do not feel this was a 5 star trip, message me.
La Jolla Kayak and Snorkel Tour
Update: We have been OPEN and SAFE since May, 2020 The La Jolla Ecological Reserve is the premiere kayak and snorkeling spot on California’s coast. To fully interact with all the amazing sea life in the area, our kayak and snorkel tour is a great option. The coolest part bout this experience is you get to see what's above and below the water! We kayak over by Sunny Jim's cave, where your guide will anchor the kayaks together. While snorkeling we see sea lions, seals, bat rays, Garibaldi (Nemo's Cousin), and sometimes sea turtles. Note: we cannot guarantee what sea life or any sea life we will encounter. La Jolla Bay is the premier snorkeling spot along Southern California's coast, but there are days that the visibility might only be 5 feet or can be as good as 50 feet. This tour is 2 hours and typically we snorkel for 20-30 minutes, max. Being able to swim is advised. If conditions are not safe enough to anchor the kayaks at Sunny's Jim's cave we will instead snorkel the kelp forest. Note: We DO NOT kayak or snorkel inside any of any caves on this tour. Our (Kayak La Jolla Sea Caves and Marine Reserve) does go inside the caves, when it’s safe. Satisfaction Guarantee: If you feel this wasn’t a 5 star experience, message me after the tour. We donate a portion of every purchase made to Greenwave & Urban Surf 4 Kids through our partnership with 1% For The Planet.
Sunset Sailing Yacht Experience on San Diego Bay
Join us on board our sail yacht for a relaxing experience on San Diego Bay. Lounge in our bean bags as we sail the calm waters of San Diego Bay and sail past all the amazing sights in the Harbor, such as the Ballast Point Submarine Base, Sea Lion docks, North Island Coronado Naval Station, and the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. White wine, sodas and water are available on board. If your planning on popping the question, let me know! I can help put you in just the right spot for an amazing moment and fantastic photos! For a private sailing experience for you and your friends only reserve 6 seats. With a orivste sailing it will just be your crew and the Captain on board. Our sailboat can accommodate up to 12 sailors, contact us to schedule a private sailing for you and your friends. If you don't see a date scheduled that your interested in, reach out! We sail daily and can usually accommodate you! Other things to note This sail yacht cruise stays in the calm waters of San Diego Bay where sicksickness shouldn't be a concern. Dress warm, it can get chilly once the sun sets!
Discovering the real Tijuana
Guests will be transported from a centrally-located site in San Diego county to the international border in San Ysidro. With a Permit application already completed by host from information provided by guests, crossing the border will be cut from a potential 1 hour to about 10 minutes. Along with a brief historical account and cultural explanation, the experience will include a visit to the Friendship Park, a stroll through historic Revolucion street, as well as a the visit to several iconic areas of the city which will lead to a better understanding of its development. Visitors will also explore a colorful local market, where they will interact with local vendors, learn about, and have the opportunity to sample indigenous foods. The tour will conclude with a visit to a local food court where guests will have the opportunity to savor Tijuana's fusion cuisine, also known as Baja-Med. Finally, they will be driven to the international border, picked up and taken back to the original meeting location in San Diego. The host will escort guests the entire time. Other things to note -Valid passport ** Due to the recent re-opening of the border, the wait to come back to the US has been unusually long. Please expect to wait between 1.5 - 2 hours.

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Sea Foraging San Luis Obispo County
LIMITED TOURS, BOOK EARLY... CURRENTLY WE ARE IN LONELY PLANET TOP 6 FORAGING DESTINATIONS IN THE US, and featured in the LA Times, SF Gate, Sunset, and Eating Well. All along the pristine coast of Central California, many species of delicious edible seaweeds exist. Kelp is some of the most tasty and nutritious of wild superfoods! I will meet participants and take them to seldom visited local spots and teach them basic phycology (marine algae science) and sustainable harvesting techniques. Not only will participants partake in a unique experience surrounded by breathtaking scenery, but they will leave with the knowledge of how to sustainably harvest nutritious seaweed for themselves for years to come. We make an amazing seaweed Ramen in the traditional Japanese form at the end. Other things to note I WILL SEND YOU EXACT LOCATION AFTER BOOKING > We will be harvesting edible seaweed. Unlike land foraging, there are no toxic seaweeds to worry about. We will show you how to tide pool with minimal impact upon the marine environment. If you book a private tour, please list the actual number of people that will be attending. Thank you!
Fire under the stars--The Art of Raku
Book an exciting Airbnb raku experience. Although the raku experience is spectacular at night, it is equally amazing during the daytime. Please contact us if you would prefer an afternoon experience. Each guest will choose three bisqued ceramic pieces ready for glazing. Glaze will be supplied along with instructions on how to apply. After glazing, pieces are placed in the kiln ready to Raku. This process is the rapid firing of ceramic pieces. While the pieces are being fired, the guests will be outfitted with gloves and instructed on how to pull their pieces from the kiln with the tongs. When the kiln reaches optimum temperature, the lid is lifted exposing red hot pieces. The guests will remove pieces from kiln placing them in combustion chambers. After pieces are removed from chambers and cleaned, the guests will get to keep them in memory of their visit to the beautiful Central Coast. Other things to note: Although Raku is a fun and exciting process, guests must be able to follow instructions and work in concert with each other while pulling ceramic pieces from hot kiln.
The Fantasy of Lights Tour
Create pure magic with a fantasy of lights on this truly unforgettable experience. Join Tours & Tasting by Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for a tour of lights and holiday sights with family and friends. Sip on gourmet hot chocolate and feast on cookies as you drive through neighborhoods decked out in holiday cheer. Choose from the original classic movies like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, or Santa Claus is Coming to Town to play on the overhead movie screen or listen to favorite holiday tunes by Burl Ives and so many more as you create magical memories to last a lifetime. Tours available 5:00 – 9:00 pm December 1 – 23. $75.00 an hour includes snacks with a 2-hour minimum reservation. Call 805.608.0792 to book your tour now. Lit communities include Paso Robles, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria/Orcutt Victorian Showcase | Trail of Lights | Animated Figures | Candy Cane Lane | Photo Ops | Festive Music | Whimsical | Old Fashion Holiday Fun Limited to six guests This is a perfect date with grandma and grandpa, a girls' night out, or a holiday engagement proposal.
Spin a pot on the pottery wheel
This pottery experience offer 2 options! 1.Our first option is the opportunity to throw on the pottery wheel! Each guest will make two pieces. A cup, bowl or vase. It takes clay a week to dry and go through the first fire , then glaze and fire again. If your stay is short we can glaze your pieces in the colors you choose and ship them to you with an extra fee! 2.The second option is glazing something premade. We have various items to choose from. The pottery studio is located in San Luis Obispo where we teach classes and offer workshops in sculpting , hand building and paint parties . I have an Airbnb apartment in SLO I rent out monthly , this could work well for an artist in residence for someone who wants to really learn more techniques in clay.
Taste of SLO - Downtown Food Tour
Do you like tasting REALLY delicious food? Do you like FUN? This tour is a brilliant marriage of social interactions, food, wine, and beer. This is not your typical tour - you will laugh, eat, drink, all while enjoying downtown San Luis Obispo. Join Taste of SLO for a walking tour of six unique destinations created to give you a personal Taste of SLO. Destinations include: Santa Maria style BBQ, local beers, brunch bites, French macarons, freshly baked treats, world wide cheeses, wine tasting, and a craft cocktail. The tour lasts for about 3 hours, and covers a total of 1 mile. This tour is suitable for all ages, dietary restrictions, and non alcoholic guests (speciality mocktails and na drinks). Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions ASAP!
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