Uebinar: si të presësh refugjatë përmes Airbnb.org - gjermanisht

Mëso se si të ofrosh strehim falas ose me zbritje për refugjatët që largohen nga Ukraina.
Nga Airbnb, më 24 mar 2022
Video 20-minutëshe
Përditësuar më 24 mar 2022


Check out the video above, and remember:

  • You can make your existing Airbnb listing available for free or at a discounted rate for refugee bookings.
  • You can also create a new listing directly through Airbnb.org that will be available for free and only visible for refugee bookings.
  • Once a person or family has been identified as in need of temporary housing, a nonprofit caseworker may help them book a stay. Alternatively, the guest may receive a booking voucher to help them book a stay on their own.

Thank you for stepping up and supporting those in need.


24 mar 2022
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