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Surf na Reserva Mundial
Porque a primeira vez é a mais marcante, nada como fazê-lo num sitio especial. A Surf365Ericeira tem os ingredientes necessários para tornar a sua experiência memorável. Somos uma escola familiar, com grupos limitados de forma a garantir a segurança e aprendizagem de quem nos procura. Não é apenas uma aula de surf, é sim um momento onde são criadas ligações e sentidas emoções que jamais serão esquecidas. Estamos a sua espera!
Great Hike in the Resort City of Cascais
We will go to the small beach resort town of Cascais. Today it is one of the most prestigious Portuguese resorts that have preserved the unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Today, this historical center is literally filled with architectural treasures, which I will tell you about! We'll see: thus, one of the outstanding historical monuments was the Palacio de Conde de Castro Guimarães, which has a colossal collection of books, of which there are more than 25 thousand; Museo do Mar - a museum that exhibits objects reflecting the history of Cascais and local fishing; Boca de Inferno cliff - in translation, its name means "Devil's Mouth", which very well reflects the impression that being here makes: during a storm, the waves beat against the rocky coast with such force that a very impressive noise is created, reminiscent of the roar of a wild beast; Palmela Park is a popular venue for city open-air concerts; Guinche is a beach that attracts windsurfers with its high waves.
Hidden Hike in Foz Lizandro Amaze View
We will walk ”behind the scenes” of Ericeira to discover the well-hidden path to the majestic cliff overlooking Foz of Lizandro and Praia de São Julião. São Julião: A beach and a village crossed by a river which marks the borders of Sintra Natural Park. Sintra Natural Park, recognized worldwide by UNESCO, has on its south coast all the crown jewels. This leaves its northernmost side at the mercy of those who have a greater affinity with the unknown. The Beach of São Julião is one of those places that escape the obvious and wins it at all. After a short and lite hike, we will enjoy the panoramic view of the Atlantic. On a clear day, you will have a full view of the coastline. We will take some time to make a stop at my favourite spot, to observe, contemplate, reenergize and relax. The ocean is my passion and this sea view is the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. You can make this walk as long as you wish, with jumping into the ocean afterwards, or just hang out on the beach São Julião, or enjoy a drink at the coffee bar at the beach. Or go for another long walk on the beach... Great options! (Or come back with me to our meeting point/ parking) Other things to note As Mother Nature is unpredictable you can bring a raincoat just in case. If you want to go for the hike some other time contact me to arrange.
Surf Experience with Nuno
After finding out what's your goal for the experience and your level of surf (could be beginner), we'll get the equipment and jump to the beach. According with it, we can have a longer or shorter briefing about the spot's conditions, safety rules, etiquette and instructions to catch your very first wave or improve your existing surf. The duration of the surf session will be 1:30Hs (in the water) plus one hour for preparations and debriefing of the session. You'll be my priority for this 2:30 hours and my goal is your happiness! My ratio never passes 4 people per session. Gather more friends to join and let's have fun together! Text me through watsaap for more info: (+351) 93 66 77 394
Natural Skincare Workshop
Learn how to make your own organic face cleanser and moisturizer in this 1.5-hour workshop. We'll teach you the science behind what goes into each formula and give you tailored advice on which ingredients are best for your individual skin type.
Cacao Ceremonies - new moon & full moon
I’ll take you on a journey within your heart where you will get into a deeper connection with yourself, your intuition and you will lovingly ground yourself into your unique being with the beautiful plant medicine cacao. The powerful medicine cacao will leave you feeling grounded, euphoric and a lovely natural high. A cacao ceremony is an ancient ritual which is seen as the ultimate heart opener. Gathering together within this ceremony can create healing, deep connection and creativity. >> grounding meditation >> Kakalina cacao >> Drum & breathing >> Heart opening journey >> Inquiry >> sharing
Obidos lagoon and medieval city tour
From the Ocean to the land, the journey will bring you from the infamous surfing spots of Baleal to Obidos; a UNESCO World Heritage medieval village which is truly a journey back in time. Starting from Captain’s Log House, we follow the seaside trails through the countryside and famous golf clubs along the Silver coast before arriving at Obidos Lagoon. Afterwards, we will ride along protected trails through the National Park, bringing us to the walls of the ancient castle of Obidos. Upon entering the village, we continue by foot, discovering the ancient treasures that lie within; most notably the stunning architecture and Ginja, a delicious local cherry liquor. 1h 30min of visit of the town and lunch before to go back. Duration : 6hours Level : Intermediate ( approx 65KM) Includes : * E-bikes, helmet, water * Tour guide (English/Portuguese/French/Spanish and Italian) * Local liquor tasting (non alcolic for kids) * Insurance Excludes: * Private expenses * Lunch Be green , ride with us ! NB :Tours and program can be modificate due to forecast. Good to know : other tours/ schedule are also avalaible. Don't hesitate to contact us.
Tour De Bicicleta Elétrica/E-bike
Tour de MTB/E-MTB guiado pelo Golias. Para todas as idades e níveis de experiência. Com bicicleta própria ou bicicleta de aluguer. Local: Alvados ou outro local a combinar. Objetivos: Divertir-se a andar de bicicleta com maior segurança; Conhecer o meio local; Desfrutar da Natureza; Praticar exercício físico.
Experiencia a Cavalo na Quintinha
EXPERIENCIA A CAVALO- trata-se da primeira experiência a montar a cavalo, onde são explicadas as noções básicas para montar em segurança, passando pelo passo, troque e eventualmente galope. O hospede participa na preparação do cavalo, nomeadamente a escovar e colocar todos os adereços necessários, e depois anda a cavalo no picadeiro durante cerca de 20 minutos
Personal Surf Coach
Do you want to try surfing for the very first time or maybe just improve your technique with an expert advising you? So... This is the experience you're looking for! On this private surf experience you can achieve your goals on surfing with a very personalised support, totally focused on make you surf better and also have lots of fun in the water. Our session starts at the meeting point, just in front of Nazaré's main beach. After analysing the conditions and decide where the best waves are, we'll gear up and start the experience with a little warm up/stretching by the beach, to get ready for action. Before heading the ocean - at the sand - I'll give your all the instructions you need to either learn the basics of surfing or to level up your game - according to your previous surfing experience. I also like to do a little briefing about safety rules and surf's etiquete just before get in the water. During our surf session I'll be giving you feedbacks and advising you to make the most out of it. By the end I hope you feel more experienced and happy with your waves' approach and surf capabilities. Aloha!
Pastor por um dia na Quinta
Junte-se a nós, somos a Família Fraústo iremos vos receber na nossa Quinta, para pastar o rebanho. É um local de beleza única, caraterísticas especiais e diferenciadas, com campos longínquos. Venha fazer uma caminhada no Ribatejo e seja parte integrante no percurso com o Pastor e seu rebanho de cabras e ver como contribui para a sustentabilidade de um território e para a gestão da paisagem, numa base cooperante. Experiencie a ordenha e todo o maneio envolvente nesta temática. Fotografe os mais belos campos, contacte com os locais e viva uma experiência única e diferenciadora. Pode também acrescentar a experiência do atelier do Queijo ou do pão (valor a combinar) No final, terá um lanche de degustação dos produtos da Quinta Fonte da Moura.
Coimbra Walk & Storytelling Experience
Coimbra Experience - Walk & Storytelling Durante estas 2,5 horas, vamos percorrer as ruas da cidade de Coimbra permitindo ficar com uma visão geral da cidade, que é complementada com detalhes geográficos, sobre o estilo de vida, a história e a cultura bem como sugestões úteis. Iremos conhecer os destaques de Coimbra, explorando as principais praças da cidade, a parte medieval, a Sé Velha e claro, a Universidade. Iremos também viver a experiência de ser um local e usufruir do elevador panorâmico para a Alta de Coimbra. Bilhetes de acesso ao elevador panorâmico incluídos Experiência disponível em Português, Inglês e Espanhol. Outras observações Ponto de encontro - Largo da Portagem junto à estátua de Joaquim António de Aguiar.
Barista for a Day- the art of espresso and cappuccino
Barista for a Day is a fun and informative experience around traditional Italian coffee. Barista, in Italy, is the name given to an espresso machine coffee artist. I invite you to share my knowledge of traditional espresso making, from properly grinding the beans to extracting a perfect cup of espresso and steaming milk to pour a perfect cappuccino. Guests will have multiple opportunities to make espresso, play with steaming and pouring milk and even try some latte art. The experience lasts approximately 3 hrs and is excellent for beginners, as well as more experienced coffee lovers or professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and techniques.
Private guided horse rides
Upon arrival all guests will head straight into the stables to meet our horses, so we can start a 20 min Pre ride in the arena to make sure every guest is paired with the perfect horse before heading out. We will start our forest ride by heading straight out the farm gate and into beautiful pine and eucalyptus forest for a hour.
Surfing in Peniche
We create lasting relationships! Never had a surf lesson before? Excellent! Just come with a willingness to open up and this challenge. I will guide you through the whole process, from choosing the technical equipment, the beach to practice on, teaching you all the technical part of surfing, standing up, reading the sea, learning manoeuvres or improving and enhancing your surfing. I will show you the best spots to surf big waves or small waves, difficult or easy. Always accompanying you in this learning process. In this 1 hour and 30 minutes session, you will start from scratch, with certified instructors ready to teach you beginners and advanced levels. And after the surf session, we make video corrections for those who want to take a closer look at their performance in the water, a separate service! This experience is excellent for individual private sessions depending on your goal but above all to teach you how to be a good surfer. Individual and also for groups as a team-building activity, families and friends. We work a lot with groups of kids who are starting their first steps on the board as well, it's one of our qualities. I've worked with dozens of suf schools, and other organisations to lead and facilitate interactive group composition sessions. We have a huge range of surf lessons and Packs you you can choose from! -Skateboard Lessons; -Video analysis;