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Vilë në Almora
Dhyanasadan - Discover serenity in the Himalayas
Secluded from the crowded part of kasardevi , Dhyansadan is a village cottage in the Himalayas . You need to trek 10 min from the road to reach the property .It is restored from an original structure that is believed to be around 30-40 years old . The place still has its old charm and additional facilities added with time. The cottage is situated 2 km away from kasar devi , which as per NASA study is under the impact of magnetism that holds van Allen belt and so enhances meditation experience.
$36 për natë
Qëndrim në agroturizëm në Dhura
SoulSpace nga MettaDhura
Soulspace:In Harmony with Himalayan Tranquillity A 600 sq. ft. open studio built with local sustainable material, blends modern and traditional Kumaoni architecture. Suitable for a group of four. “And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.” –John Muir Immerse yourself in the solitude of Himalayas. Soak in the beauty of the majestic Himalayas, be one with nature around you! Welcome to SoulSpace, a space designed to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul being close to nature.
$45 për natë
Qëndrim në agroturizëm në Dhura
Inspire by MettāDhura
Inspire: Imagine. Ideate. Create. Everyone has a story to tell, a poem still not put to paper or a tune inside your head waiting to be played out loud. Inspire is a space specially curated to delve into the world of creative chaos as a part of our everyday lives. Let your stay with us Inspire your Creative side..! Ideal holiday rental for two.
$43 për natë

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Vilë në Almora Range
Ramesh Himalayan Homestay.
$30 për natë
Dhomë private në Mat
Dhomë kuzhine La Maison 757
$41 për natë
Banesë në Almora
Vilë rustike me pamje nga kodrat
$77 për natë
Njësi me qira në Almora Range
Warm studio apartment with a kitchen
$36 për natë

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