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Must clean up after yourself and help out!

Midnight sun or Northern lights
Thousands of birds

black sand beach
gourmet restaurant*
hike n bike trails

Snaefellsnes / Iceland Microverse
round trips possible
national park
swimming pool with hot tubs to meet people
drive in volcano
Algae baths

On route:
Hot springs to skinny dip

Gjëra të tjera që vlejnë të përmenden
Imagine living in a small fishing village 𓆟⛴𓆛𓆟 but still have opportunities to socialize, access to free public transport*, hike and bike trails (both tarmacked -an Iceland countryside first- and rougher ones), untrailed walking possibilities including the coast, access to essential services, great restaurants*, coffee places*, swimming pools with hot tubs*, the national park, museum and a cultural center / bar / club.

If you are a bit snobbish, looking to maximize your return on your money and/or like to nitpick about various things then this place is definitely NOT for you.
Most of the time we are not there ourselves. There might be some longer term guests or not. In any case we can communicate online.

You need of course to clean up after yourself or jointly with other volunteers and put on new linen before you leave. This means changing your linen before you leave and leave the kitchen and bathrooms etc., spot free, put on or empty the dishwasher and put things in their right places . It is also important to take the garbage out into the main garbage bin next to the garage with the dark lid, and the recyclables into the bin with the green lid and the bio/veggie trash into the compost area behind the garage. Rinsed drinking containers cans and bottles should be put in the labeled containers in the laundry room. You can also help other guests with these things.

An important rule is to respect other guests that are there including those in your own group. You must take off your shoes and especially respect the rule of no shoes, food or drink in the tatami areas.

Our Mt Fuji inspired dual use living room is quite unique and if it is available (sometimes it is not as other guests might be sleeping there) if can be quite nice to hang out over there with the possibility of seeing the outline of the Mt Fuji lookalike caldera, thousands of birds, the midnight sun or the northern lights. When this room is not available do not despair as you can see things from the kitchen, the patio and the front garden.

Being there during the high season has its advantages and disadvantages. You might meet some other nice guests. The tatami living room might not be available. Depending on the size of your group and depending on other bookings your choice of tiny rooms or the tatami living room might be restricted. The 120-140cm beds are meant for two people, but this might not be the right size of bed for some two people in your group, in which case do not book it but check with us if we have some other options available.

This place may not fit your idea of what Iceland should be like. It has Wi-Fi that reaches every room, a security camera in the hallway and the owners left their computer screens on one of the many desks you may use. (You might connect your laptop to those screens and use them for yourself).

There is a paved road to Reykjavik. In fact you can choose between 2 paved mountain passes or driving on a paved road through the National Park which goes around the peninsula. There are even paved hike and bike trails to the next village and the next town. Something that is almost unheard of in the Icelandic countryside. There are also mountain roads, so called F road, as well as rough trails for hiking or mountain biking and you can even walk, jog, or hike off trail. Yes, just walk without a sign post to the sea to watch the whales and especially the orcas that often come by (this is after all one of the richest fishing grounds in the world, where the Atlantic ocean meets the Arctic ocean) or just sit there and watch the birds drift by and the occasional seal popping its head up. This contrasts with typical tourism. We encourage you to step outside the typical tourist box.
Another thing that is out of place is the local bar and cultural center. There is no tradition of bars in Icelandic fishing villages. People would just order their alcohol by post and drive 100 Km to a community hall ball and stick that bottle underneath the table. A place with regular live shows in such a small fishing village is very unusual and really adds to the speciality of the village.

Other things that might not fit your expectations: High thread count linen, color system for wash cloths, mandatory recycling, a vacuum cleaner that does not make noise, air quality measuring devices, some latex mattresses, ultra modern and comfortable sofas, washing machine that uses steam, the two bus stops in the street that is covered with birds in the summer (do you know how many streets in the countryside have a bus stop at all, hardly any), the neighbors that live in a tank, the friendly locals, the unrestricted nature in front and back of the house.

Snaefellsnes stands out. It is a microverse of Iceland. Unless you have a lot of time it makes sense to explore a region in detail rather than be stressed driving round the Island. On the peninsula is Iceland's most photogenic mountain framed by a waterfall? There are black and white beaches to stroll on. One of the most magnificent glaciers is here? Many areas are shaped by past volcanic activity. You can even drive into one of the craters? You can visit caves and lighthouses. Go to bird nesting cliffs. And why not go to gourmet restaurants probably for less money than back home? You will be so close to what is called the king of Icelandic mountains, one of Earth's magical mythical energy spots featured as the entrance to the center of the planet in Jules Vern epic novel. It is also very nice to examine some of the waterfalls just by yourself and perhaps in the company of a loved one. It is different than going to the crowded waterfalls.

If you stay, why not stay longer? The longer you stay the more you will feel at home and your chances of seeing the Volcano, the midnight sun or the northern lights are enhanced. You might go to the harbor and get some fish for free. You might actually go to the local bar and culture center, the fishing museum, the park, the cliffs, the beaches, the cafes and the hot pots where you might actually speak to a local.

Longer stays are recommended.

You could help with some of the following:

Allow us to use your cool photos and videos
Provide edited videos
Make translations
Promote our place
Connect us with potential donors
Connect us with influential people (famous people, politicians, internet influencers, media, powerful people, creative people)
Connect us with other people who might be willing to help (Including volunteers who might want to stay for a short or longer time in Iceland or Switzerland)
Connect us with scientists and academics
Deep clean
Forward our messages / websites to all your contacts
Some other suggestions

These are the issues we are concerned with:

To stop the new Hitler
To have the response to Covid investigated
Affordable housing without subsidies (To give the youth of this world a chance)
To fight corruption
To inform people about modern day Ponzi schemes like cryptocurrencies
To recreate a world where people are not robbed of their savings
To make education available for everyone

* The free public transport is available throughout the school year. Some restaurants and cafes are only open in the summer. But within a nice drive or bus ride you will be able to find some year round.

The view of the Snaefellsjokull mountain and the midnight sun or Northern lights is weather dependent. You can see the Northern lights any time (depending on solar flare activity) as long as it is not overcast and as long as it gets dark, so outside the season of the Midnight sun.
It is a misconception that they can only be seen in winter. Your chances of seeing them are greatly enhanced if you are awake and look up and the longer you stay. Not having to wait outside in the cold makes it much easier.

There is birdlife all year round, but it is really spectacular during the bird breeding season. The view from the house is perhaps better and certainly much more comfortable than from a typical bird observation hut. The Arctic Tern is there between mid May and mid August. It can not be described in words the magic in the air when the birds are arriving and leaving and the time between.

( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)

More information about the surrounding area including services, free local bus and how to get here can be found under my profile guidebooks here on Airbnb.

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