My home overlook the Nile and you can see beauty

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Come stay in a real Egyptian village while enjoying modern conveniences such as abundant privacy and lack of interference from your host. If you are someone who feels more creative when they are in nature, or away from too much urban distractions, then you will enjoy this place which is very calm and is especially suitable to freelancers or remote workers. We have a good WiFi connection. Please see photos of the surrounding nature as well as more details about the household amenities below.

Enjoy a shared accommodation in the unique riparian landscape of the Nile delta. You will stay with me and my brother in our apartment which is adjacent to our family farm in our village, As-Salamiyyah. Our apartment is on the third floor of a 1980s apartment block facing the Nile river. It contains two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a sitting room, a big hall, a balcony, and roof access.

We have a strong WiFi connection, and ample facilities for remote work, including a large writing desk, and “ring” lighting on tripod for video-conferencing . We also have reliable 24-hour electricity.

Prepare your own food in our kitchen, or arrange for our mother to provide home-cooked meals for you. There are also a couple of restaurants nearby, one selling koshary and one selling fava beans and falafel.
Our village’s environs is full of options for excursions and pastimes. Visit nearby branches of the Nile river, cross to the opposite side by the local rowboat ferry, sit in the local coffee shop situated across the river. There are a few larger towns easily accessible nearby including Mit Badr Halawa, Bana Abu Sir, Sammanoud and Aga. Visit the Coptic monastery of Mar Girgis in the nearby town of Mit Demsis as well as the Virgin Mary Church in Aga.

The main attraction of our listing is it gives access to the slow pace of life available in the Egyptian countryside. Although the distance between the village and Cairo is just an hour and a half by bus, and while several of the adjacent settlements have developed into busier market towns, As-Salamiyyah still has a very rural feel to it.

There are many ways to enjoy stillness and take in the surrounding nature and farm life. Have a picnic under shade of the huge Eucalyptus trees in our river-side orange orchard, ride on donkey cart, help out in our gardens, or take a rowboat to an island in the Nile river. We practice polyculture, cultivating many different crops in the same field, and make use of the nearby river to irrigate our garden beds, grape trellises, and orchards. In our village we keep an abundant variety of birds, both wild and domesticated.

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As Salamiyyah,Aga, Dakahlia, Egjipt

The village core of As-Salamiyyah is dense. Its narrow streets and multi-story buildings bestow a quasi-urban feel. Yet As-Salamiyyah is a relatively small settlement, smaller then other nearby settlements such as Aga, Shubrawish, Bana Abu Sir. (Please note, on Google Maps, Al-Salamiyyah is defined to include the neighboring village of Basatin, through which one passes and takes a turn to the right when coming from the main North-South highway. As-Salamiyyah is only the western section of this agglomeration, i.e. the section adjacent to the Nile river.)
Within As-Salamiyyah village, our building is situated at the edge of the settlement: directly to our west is the Nile river, and to the south only one structure seperates us from the surrounding fields. Our building fronts onto a small, gated courtyard which is shared with neighboring buildings, and where you may park your vehicle overnight. Outside this courtyard, an earthen ramp leads up to the Nile embankment. Turn in one direction and you will head toward the village core, in the other direction the embankment road forks, the paved section towards the fields that surround the village, the unpaved track continues along the Nile river embankment.
I love living here in As-Salamiyyah because I am able to live in daily contact with my parents and siblings while being able to commute to my university in Al-Mansoura. One of my brothers also stays with me in my apartment, but my parents and remaining siblings stay in our one-level traditional farmhouse which is a couple hundred meters from the property. My other siblings and my father are engaged on a daily basis in the work of our farm, and you may also have a chance to participate, if you like.
If you are interested in traditional irrigation techniques, poly-culture, orchard fruit production, animal husbandry, community-based fowl stock, non-mechanised farming processes, and other aspects of village economy you will have a good time observing the local agronomy and horticulture in our village.
Another way for you to engage in the surroundings is the nearby river: the nearest bridges are many kilometers away, so crossing to the other bank is the work of rowboats at the nearby ferry points. One popular activity is to walk south along the embankment approximately 800m and take a rowboat across the Nile to the larger village of Bana Abu Sir, where there are a couple riverside coffee houses, one of which broadcasts soccer matches on its large television. From Bana Abu Sir it is easy to access other nearby larger settlements on the left bank of the Nile, either by toktok or microbus.

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We are flexible and happy to offer more space, or more socializing, as it suits you. I lived and worked in Sharm El Sheikh a couple years ago, and had a great experience interacting with guests there from all over the world. Here in my village, so far there have been few outsiders visible, and you will be seen as a diplomat or representative of your culture, and would be expected to act accordingly. As for my experience as a host on Airbnb, we just launched our listing in the middle of the pandemic. Therefore we have had limited traffic so far. This is still a new experience for me, and I am still discerning what is my appetite for hosting guests in my village. I am still learning and I expect that this will continue to evolve in a dynamic way. I may ask to have an introductory conversation with you before accepting your booking request, to make sure that our expectations are aligned. I want both sides to have the space to articulate openly their needs and be comfortable in dealing with each other.
For any questions, I am available any time by phone or Whatsapp. I usually am able to respond within fifteen minutes to one hour.
We are flexible and happy to offer more space, or more socializing, as it suits you. I lived and worked in Sharm El Sheikh a couple years ago, and had a great experience interactin…
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