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Self Service place in the bird breeding area of the fishing village Rif. Inspired by the magical mythical Snaefellsjokull, a Mt Fuji-like volcano/glacier, we made our living room into a tatami room from where you can also see the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights. We recommend longer stays as everything is weather dependent. Your group might stay in this room separated from the rest with movable paravents or in one or more of our small bedrooms. Before you book please read on…

Gjëra të tjera që vlejnë të përmenden
Please read this whole section to fully appreciate what our place is about. Its uniqueness, how it excels and what are the shortcomings. This section should also give you ideas of how to enjoy the place and Iceland in general rather than simply to drift aimlessly as a tourist without truly experiencing what is on offer.

As we may not be there ourselves it is good to know that our long term guest Hugo is helpful and very knowledgeable about the area and the nightlife. Hugo speaks English, Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, some Icelandic and a little bit Italian. Please do respect that this is a Self Service establishment so that you do not mess up his home and leave the cleaning to him.

Imagine living in a small fishing village but still have opportunities to socialize, access to free public transport*, hike and bike trails (both tarmacked -an Iceland countryside first- and rougher ones), untrailed walking possibilities including the coast, access to essential services, great restaurants*, coffee places*, swimming pools with hot tubs*, the national park, museum and a cultural center and bar.

We searched everywhere in Iceland and found this fantastic place and we want to share it with other people who would truly appreciate it. But we are not always there. We might be at our other fantastic place in the mountains of Switzerland, Alp.Casa - Oberaegeri, Switzerland. You can look it up and also find our other categories in Rif, Iceland here on Airbnb

Because we are not always on location ourselves (and even if we were) we need your cooperation in making the place ready for the next guests before you leave as well as your understanding when someone does not quite do it right. This means changing your linen before you leave and leave the kitchen and bathrooms etc., spot free, put on or empty the dishwasher and put things in their right places . It is also important to take the garbage out into the main garbage bin next to the garage with the dark lid, and the recyclables into the bin with the green lid and the bio/veggie trash into the compost area behind the garage. Rinsed drinking containers cans and bottles should be put in the labeled containers in the laundry room.

Other important rules is to respect other guests that are there including those in your own group. You must take off your shoes and especially respect the rule of no shoes, food or drink in the tatami areas.

A tatami room is called Washitsu in Japan. Given the Mt Fuji lookalike view we thought it would be appropriate to make this kind of dual use Japanese style room. We made this room with our very own style so one could say it is a Nordic / Scandinavian adaptation of the tatami room concept. We covered the entire living room with the Tatamis that we specially (the stores in Iceland did not even know what a Tatami is) ordered directly ourselves from Asia and shipped with what used to be the largest container ship in the world. But instead of getting the cheapest Tatamis we got a premium type with an interior made of linen and coconut shells (about 20 000 of them) - the kind of stuff that is more normally used for the interior of futons. This makes it very comfortable to walk on and even sleep on with an extra topper. Has the feel but not the look of a fitness room. Then we adapted and created low sofas and chairs. Not the typical uncomfortable ones but really comfortable and flexible ones, with movable backs and wide enough to sit on both sides to enjoy the Mt Fuji like view in one direction and the midnight sun distant Artic Ocean view in the other direction. Which also gives the possibility of watching out for the Northern Lights on both sides of the house. For a house in a village it is very unusual to have unrestricted nature views both in front and back of the house, so enjoy it. The sofas make up an ultra modern comfortable living space where you can sit how you like, with bent legs, stretched legs, crossed legs and as close or as far as you like from other people you may be sharing the area with. To add to the atmosphere we imported Japanese Shoji-style Ando lamps with premium paper but instead of just having the traditional white light you can choose and dim the colors with a remote control. To give those that are sleeping there a bit more privacy we provide moveable Shoji-style tall paravents.

Please note that your group might be staying in one or more of our tiny rooms or sharing this tatami living room with another group. Or a group might have exclusive access to this room especially at night - depending on what you booked that might be your group or another group in which case it would restrict your access. When there is enough space we recommend people sleep in the rooms and just use the tatami living room as a living room. or groups the tatami living room may be the best choice.

Like a Japanese tatami room the room is dual use. But unlike the Japanese version where you need to roll up some futons during the day and which might be a bit too hard to sleep on at night. Our sofas are comfortable to both sit and sleep on. With our high thread linen and bedding stored underneath including mattress protectors which should always be used for sleeping. To top it off our low sofas are made up of 90cm and 120cm toppers that should be placed on top of the sofas to further protect the sofas and to provide an even more comfortable sleep. These toppers can also be used as extra sleeping surfaces. There are more toppers and mattresses, some of which can be borrowed from Room 3. It is possible to reposition the sofas as you like. Please remember to put everything in its place the way it was before with new linen before you go.

There is a video camera in the main hallway. As in any establishment it is illegal to tamper with it in any way.

We seek guests that are into slow travel and healthy living. Quite unusual for such a small village there is a bar and cultural center called the Freezer just a few hundred meters away.

Snaefellsjokull, the Mt Fuji lookalike volcano and glacier, is often referred to as being a mythical power source. This volcano erupted last 2000 years ago. It was featured in the epic novel "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne. What makes our viewpoint of the volcano more spectacular is that from our angle you can see the outlines of the caldera. The lakes in front of the house, the little islands and the distant waterfalls add to the magic. The National Parks raison d’etre is this volcano mountain, that is referred to as the king of Icelandic mountains whereas some people like to refer to it as one of the 7 mystical power centers of planet earth. The Park whose size is over 180 Km2 has other things of interest: caves, abandoned settlements -including the oldest fishing artifacts found in any of the Nordic countries-, lighthouses, birdclifs, strange rock formations, a drive-in volcano, rich geological environment, rocky beaches, black and white sand beaches.

If you want to enjoy the view of the volcano, the midnight sun or the northern lights, longer stays are recommended as it is all weather dependent. Staying longer is also likely to give you a better feeling of what Iceland is truly about. The pristine nature, the unpredictable weather, the possibilities of taking a walk on the beach where there is nobody else, etc. Another benefit from staying longer is not having to be packing and unpacking all the time.

Life is not a list of “been there, done that”, posted on social media, but truly enjoying some places. Walk to the harbor and get fresh fish from the local fishermen, they will often give it to you for free, put it in the oven and don't overcook it. Walk to the ocean by just going straight where the street ends, sit on the rocks and watch the birds drift by and if you are lucky a seal's head will pop up, or a whale will jump up or blow. Walk to the waterfalls or the next village of Hellisandur and see all the murals. Or join the locals and/or other tourists at the Freezer watering hole. Explore the National Park, a service center has just been built in Hellisandur which is within walking distance. Relax for an entire afternoon in the hot pots at Lysuholl or in one of the towns. Visit some really good restaurants, cafes or museums (there is a seafarer museum in Hellisandur), or take a look at their tiny forest. It is not easy to let trees grow next to where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Arctic Ocean. This is like visiting the end of the world.

The place is not only a place to be for a nature lover like yourself but it is a place to where the Arctic tern makes a 30-40 000 kilometer round trip, every year, for its entire life of more than 30 years. We are in the middle of this biggest European Arctic tern colony. It is incredible to watch the tern feed its young, possibly next to where you park your car and the anticipation in the air when they are preparing as a group for the 15 000 Km journey in August. Something that can not really be described in words.

This is also the home or summer home for countless other birds and fish. Where the cold Arctic Ocean currents meet the warm Gulf of Mexico Atlantic Gulf Stream is where you have the richest fish environment in the world. So naturally some seals, whales and orcas like to hang out there too.

Other things of interest on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula are Búðir, Hellnar, Arnarstapi, the picturesque mountain Kirkjufell, especially where seen from the waterfall and Holmurinn in Stykkisholmur. It is possible to make roundtrips using a different way back to many of these places. There are two main routes over the mountain passes with tarmacked roads suitable for normal cars most of the year and a route that takes you around the peninsula. There are also mountain routes (F roads) that take you closer to the glacier.

We are exactly 200 Km by road from Reykjavik. You might arrive by a normal car, via skateboard, by hitch hiking or with a normal bus (see Straeto) which stops less than 100 meters away from our house.

Please only book if you are comfortable with this being Self Service and our above description appeals to you.

We also look for volunteers of any age who would like to stay for a few days or longer and help us out, especially with our Charitable Institute projects such as Biodiversity.Vision

Occasionally we give a camper van access to the house facilities.

* The free public transport is available throughout the school year. The coffee places and some restaurants may be only available in the summer. Many of the services are in the towns close by, it is walkable but perhaps better use some transport.

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