Private Retreat Center w/ onsite yoga studio & spa

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A peaceful private luxury retreat center embraced by nature with the best views of Volcan Baru! Located on 3 acres of land with an on-site yoga studio, spa & organic food grown on site.

The stay is designed to be a holistic wellness experience. Additional services include: yoga, breathwork, ice-baths, meditations, Ayurvedic consultations, plant medicine exploration, ecstatic dance, soul journalling, fire ceremonies, vision boarding, sacred tantric water blessings & local tourist attractions.

This unique stay is ideal for individuals, couples and small families who desire to be embraced by the breathtakingly beautiful nature of the mountains of Boquete and supported by their host for their holistic health needs and desires. This is more than accommodation, it is a wellness experience. Below are descriptions of our additional services.


Ayurveda seeks to keep the mind, body & spirit in perfect equilibrium by examining the relationship one has with self, others, and their natural environment. Ayurveda examines human lifestyle practices in a holistic fashion by examining physical existence, mental existence, and personality as a unit, with each element being able to influence the others. During your consultation, together we will determine your dosha and the energies running different aspects of your being. The doshas are biological energies found throughout the human body and mind. They govern all physical and mental processes and provide every living being with an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment. The doshas are dynamic energies that constantly change in response to our actions, thoughts, emotions, the foods we eat, the seasons, and any other sensory inputs that feed our mind and body. When we live into the fulfillment of our individual natures, we naturally make lifestyle and dietary decisions that foster balance within our doshas. When we live against our intrinsic natures, we support unhealthy patterns that lead to physical and mental imbalances. An Ayurvedic consultation empowers the individual to make the best choices for their unique individual blueprint and constitution in the areas of diet, types of exercise, self-care practices, and daily habits on a deeply personalized level. Prior to session, clients will be sent a Ayurvedic Questionnaire to assist in the process of determining the dosha that will be used as the foundation for the session. 

Each one of us have made spiritual and philosophical agreements that create the core foundation of what we are creating & manifesting in our lives. These life changing sessions seek to identify your core spiritual beliefs and to reprogram the ideas that are no longer serving you in creating the life of your dreams. It is based on the idea that we are all our own best healers and guides and that the answers we seek already reside within us, we just have to be willing to ask the right questions and be the witness of what we believe to be our truth. At the conclusion of the session, you will be offered a list of resources to support you on your spiritual path, along with suggested practices that would empower you along the way. The vision for these sessions is to gently guide you in returning to your Divine Essence of love, joy, and inner peace, which is your birthright.

Life is full of beauty and love, but at times in our lives that beauty and love can get  buried by unprocessed pain and trauma. Taking the time and energy to heal the pain within is quite possibly the most important work we can do in this lifetime. These sessions are designed to get to the very root of the trauma and allow it to be honored, felt and released from the mind, body and spirit. During this process we will mend the pieces that were once broken within us with love, understanding, compassion forgiveness and hope. No past experience is worth taking away your present joy. Prior to the session, participants will be given a reflective questionnaire to help identify the trauma or pain body they wish to address during the session. Different holistic transformational tools may be incorporated depending on the participants needs and desires such as bodywork, breathwork, physical movement and guided meditations. 
Upon completion of the session, participants will be given additional resources and suggestions for them to continue the healing process. 

Our breath is the greatest transformational tool and life force energy the Divine blessed upon us the moment we departed from our mothers womb and entered onto Mother Earth. Connected breathwork journeys are a powerful transformational tool for gaining direct access to the subtle energy bodies operating within every cell of our system. The journey takes you out of the strong hold of the mind and into the awareness of the intelligent energic system of the chakras and nadis within. The space where deeps truths can be heard, felt, acknowledged and embraced with unconditional love. Connected Breathwork sessions are done laying on a mat. Prior to the sessions participants will fill out a medical release form and have a brief introduction to the session. 

Yoga is a healing science of the body used to create balance and energy flow throughout the entire mind, body and sprit. When the design of the class is catered specifically to your body type design, deep transformation and healing can take place. This package includes three sessions: body type consultation & body analysis, physical practice to introduce the class and one additional physical practice to perfect the postures. The class design will be completely tailored to optimize your individual physical, mental and spiritual well being. 

Unite your mind, body and spirit by exploring the ancient tools of tantra by exploring the loving power of open hearted sacred connection and union to yourself and your loved ones. During this session, you will develop an intimacy contract and be offered tools and practices to enhance your relationship with yourself to unite at a deeper soul level. These sessions can also be designed for couples to deepen their true nature in relationship and intimacy.

Give yourself the gifts of meditation, quiet the mind and surrender to the beauty and stillness within. This session starts with an introduction to meditation and preparing your unique design to enter into the perfect meditation posture for your body. Choose from the various styles including: Metta Loving Kindness, Heart Centered Meditation, Forgiveness Meditation, Vipasana, Breath Meditation, Samatha and many more.

Many ancient & indigenous cultures around the world hold plant medicine at the very core of their society using them as tools for sacred & life changing journeys into the spirit world. These natural medicines empower inner journeys of self-reflection and profound consciousness expansion that can expand, connect and align you in unimaginable ways. They break down the walls of resistance and allow you to enter into a deep space of surrender and pure love. Some side effects include: connecting to the Divine light within, reprogramming of the unhealthy mind patterns or addictions, expansion of awareness, death of the ego and profound opening of the heart.

Do you want to feel free? To tune into your fearless inner child that never stopped dancing to the beat of their own drum? Then ecstatic dance may be a fun transformational tool for you! It is a space where we allow free movement of the body without needing it to look any particular way. It is a dance to surrender and celebrate life and to simply let go! For some, just the word dance brings anxiety to their system, but I can assure you that once you allow your body to move as it so desires, the anxiety will dissipate and joy, bliss & the feeling of being fully alive will replace it. Join us to dance you way into your true self of freedom and love.

We all have our life story we share with others. During our this transformational journey we will examine the story we are telling to ourselves and others and re-write it from a space full of awareness to put into context the programs and ideas that are no longer serving our highest selves. During this experience, you will be empowered to take responsibility of being the author of your life.

Experience the healing powers of ice and breath united as one! This experience will leave you feeling alive and refreshed, and powerful!

Using the power of fire we will create a transformational burning ceremony that will empower you to release what is no longer serving you and light fire to the things that bring you deep joy in your life.

Soul Journalling connects you with your inner intuition and to the poet within that you may not even know exists. Once you learn the techniques of soul journalling, your journalling habits will never be the same. This tool gives you direct access to communicate with your soul in a way you may not know possible. The messages that arrive from this technique will take your breath away. Learn to speak the language we all understand, the language of the heart & soul.

What do you desire to make manifest in your life? How do you desire to feel? Through the process of creating a vision board, united with a desire map you will find clarity on what you truly desire to make manifest in your life and why. Through this clarity you will notice your vision start to manifest right before your eyes. Believe in the power of intention and achieve your goals and manifest your visions.

* Spa Treatments
* Hot Springs Tour
* Waterfall Hike
* White Water Rafting
* Beach Trip
* Coffee Tour
* Canyon Tour
* Whale Watching
* Bird Watching 

*And many more...


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Jaramillo, Chiriquí, Chiriquí Province, Panama

I was on a mission to find the best area in Boquete, and after many years of trying out different areas, this is where I chose to call home because it’s the best! First and foremost, the view! Secondly, it is close to town (10 minutes driving) and yet far enough away to only hear the birds and breeze.

I have two very large back up water tanks, so even if the access to town water is turned off, I never run out of water. A true blessing in Panama for a clean freak and bath lover such as myself.

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Katherine Sophia is a passion driven visionary social entrepreneur on a mission to be of service by connecting people to the Divine light, joy and abundance of life force energy that exists within each and every one of us. She is a Master Yogini, International Humanitarian, Spiritual Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Holistic Health Coach and Plant Medicine & Breath Shamaness. Her work has taken her all over the globe and she has been in service in 40+ countries on five continents.

She is deeply guided by the divine energy of unconditional love. She is a master space holder and can turn a group of strangers into a loving, supporting connected community by tuning them deeply into their compassionate understanding hearts.

She has provided guidance to thousands of individuals on their journey within using a variety of holistic healing modalities. She works with individuals of all religious and spiritual belief systems as she believes we are all united, all One… simply taking different paths to arrive at the same space, back to our innate nature of love, awareness, joy, bliss, and surrender to what is.

I am... Warrior of the Divine. Soul seeker. Tantrika Yogini. Lover. Mother. Master Sacred Space Holder. Humanitarian. Visionary Entrepreneur. Expert Educator. Motivational Speaker. Breath & Plant Medicine Shamaness.

My strengths... Compassionate. Accepting. Aligned. Forgiving. Passion Driven. Empathetic. Enthusiastic. Understanding. Balanced. Aware.

My weaknesses... Impatient. Forgetful. Demanding at times.

My studies
Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Family Studies
Diploma de Español DELE Instituto Cervantes España
Master in Nonprofit Leadership & Management
E-RYT 500 Master Yogi with Yoga Alliance®
20,000 + Hours of Teaching Experience

My Breathwork Experiences
Transformational Breath® Levels 1 (Website hidden by Airbnb) Panama
Holotropic Breathwork® - USA
Breath of Bliss - Indonesia
Tantra Rebirthing - Thailand
Alchemy of Breath - Thailand
Soma Breath - Costa Rica
Wim Hof Method - Thailand

My Meditation Experiences
Vipassana - Jaipur, India
Shamatha - Dharamsala, India

Panchakarma - Kalari Rasayana - Kerla, India

My Yoga Experience
200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga - Bocas del Toro, Panama
300 Hour Ayurveda & Tantra Training - Bali, Indonesia
AcroYoga Immersion & Thai Yoga Massage - Panama
Rainbow Yoga Kids - Panama City, Panama
Katherine Sophia is a passion driven visionary social entrepreneur on a mission to be of service by connecting people to the Divine light, joy and abundance of life force energy th…

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I am here to offer you the most inspiring adventure you could have in beautiful Boquete. Not only am I available for your wellness needs, I can also offer or organize private tours around the area such as visiting the natural hot springs of Caldera, swimming in canyon rivers, beach trips, white water rafting, zip lining, hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, coffee tours and much more.

I have been living in Boquete for 16 years and have traveled all over the country (and the world) exploring the majestic beauty Mother Nature has to offer. I am very well connected to the community as I also ran a nonprofit for 10 years upon arrival serving local organizations with volunteers and much needed additional funding.
I am here to offer you the most inspiring adventure you could have in beautiful Boquete. Not only am I available for your wellness needs, I can also offer or organize private tour…
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