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Charlie Parker Ocean Kubo

Dhomë private në resort ofrohet nga pritësi Michael
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This is the most photographed kubo at Birďland Beach Club. 12% VAT and 10 % Service Charge exclusive and charged upon check in. It has privacy screens to keep elements out. It sits on a coral reef and perfect sunset view. Comes with mattresses and bedding. Rate is for two. I just listed this recently cause it's my favorite kubo which I used privately but now decided to share it with the public. Very breezy so bring a light jacket. Additional above 2 is P1000 per person. We have a restaurant

READ READ READ: All rates are exclusive of 12% VAT and 10% Service Charge. That way we do not have issues with you at the resort.

Rate is for 2 Persons, additional persons are p1000/person. Maximum is four. All rates are exclusive of 12% VAT and 10% Service Charge.

Free Bamboo Tricycle or 1975 Vintage Mercedes Limousine Shuttle to and from resort when and if available. Please reserve ahead of time to be picked up.

Featured in over 18 television shows 2019 film, “Pagsamantagal,” and countless travel blogs and newspapers, there is a special reason to experience Birdland Beach Club. Rated "best honeymoon spot" in Pangasinan by GMA show "I Juander" in 2017, featured 5 times by ABS CBN show "Mag TV", rated top 7 affordable resorts in the Philippines by recent national feature, and best eco resort in Pangasinan, Birdland Beach Club is barely one year in operation. Whether looking for romance or child spot or surfing, Birdland offers over 30 water and land tours to last you one week at the resort. One day is really too short to enjoy Bolinao.
We are minutes away from Patar White Beach, underground caves and Bolinao Falls.

The Charlie Parker Kubo is beach front top dead center to sunset view. Comes with beddings, soap, shampoo and drop down heavy drapes for privacy and to keep the wind and rain out. One of our top selling kubos.

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We have two hectares of private beach property to enjoy and over 25 water and land activities.

Birdland Beach Club

Bolinao Resort Activities Menu

Use of Floating Bamboo House…enjoy swimming and chilling in the middle of the ocean                  Free

Use of small grey Balsa…more fun and challenging than paddleboarding                                              Free w/ ID

Use of Life Jackets…use if you are not a good swimmer                                                                             Free w/ ID

Use of swimming/diving goggles…check out the coral and ocean life full of starfish, giant clams      Free w/ ID

Use of black inner tubes…float in the middle of the sea                                                                             Free w/ID

Snorkel gear, goggles, fins, breather…great for giant clam snorkeling dive                                            P300/3 hours

SUPER BIG white Balsa…the original Filipino Paddleboard, more challenging and fun                        250/2 hours

Bike Rental…explore Bolinao and Patar Beach(about 1.5 hour bike ride)                                           P300/day

Moped Vespa Motorbike Rental...tour Patar and Bolinao Falls with ROMANTIC ADVENTURE            P1000/day

Giant Clam Dive…a Bolinao MUST (Snorkeling, P250/person-up to 5 persons plus p200 DNR fee)   P250

Donut Boat Tour pulled by Bangka(1-7 persons)P250/person-1 hour(ABS CBN featured)                  P500

Sea Urchin Harvesting n Eating with Bangka or Balsa(P500 for two/additional person P250             P500

Bamboo Tricycle tour to Patar Beach, Underwater caves, lighthouse, rock formations              P800

                Good for two persons; additional person P250(ABS CBN featured)

Bolinao Falls Tour with Bamboo Tricycle(price for 2, extra P250, half day)(ABS CBN featured)          P900

Motorized Balsa tour(one hour, p500, 2 persons ONLY)…another Birdland Original                           P500

Manual Balsa Guided Tour(one hour, 2 persons ONLY)…float slowly and tour the coastline             P500

Bolinao CITY TOUR with Bamboo Tricycle(old church, people’s market, St. Claire Monestary,

                UP Marine Institute(giant clams)                                                                                                      P900

Golf driving range into the ocean(one bucket of balls)…another Birdland Original                               P600

Fishing with motorized Bangka…try your luck catching your meal                                                           P750

Guided Tour to Hundred Islands(borrow a Kuya for the day)…enjoy Alaminos destination                 P1000

Island Tour Boat tour to Salaki Island(3-4 hours) ..explore 3rd longest surf break in the world          P1500

90 Minute Massage/Hilot…reserve when you arrive so we can schedule a masseuse                         P600

Car Wash/Exterioir/Interior/Wax                                                                                                                     P150-500




The Blue Mikey  Restaurant by Birdland Beach Club

Bolinao Resort Menu

Breakfast(730am to 1030am)


Hamsilog (Ham)                                                                                                                                                           P180

Tosilog (Tosino)

Hotsilog (Hot Dog)

Longsilog (MSG free Longanisa)

Dangsilog (unsalted Danggit)

Espasilog (unsalted Espada fish)

Bangsilog (Bolinao ocean raised Milkfish)

Pusilog (unsalted dried Pusit (Squid)

Tortsilog (Torta eggplant)                                                                                                                                       


Veggie Omelet                                                                                                                                                             P200

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs/Sunny Side Up with freshly baked pandesal bread                                                      P200

Bacon with eggs and pandesal                                                                                                                                 P250


Set Breakfast: Longanisa, Daing, Pandesal, Binungey (Bolinao sticky rice bamboo delicacy)            

 Torta, Egg and Rice                                                                                                                                                    P350                                                                                                                 




                Pour over single drip brew with cream and muscovado sugar                                                          P120

                Café Su Da (Vietnamese Coffee with condensed milk)                                                                        P120

                Thai Iced or Hot Coffee                                                                                                                              P150

                Blended Ice Mocha                                                                                                                                     P200

                Regular coffee                                                                                                                                              P65

Hot Chocolate                                                                                                                                                               P100

Calamansi Juice (Hot/Cold)                                                                                                                                         P70

Lemon Juice                                                                                                                                                                  P95

Fresh Fruit Shakes (no sugar added, please inquire for fruits available)                                                          P120

100% Blended coconut water                                                                                                                                   P120

Bottled Water                                                                                                                                                                P50

Gatorade                                                                                                                                                                        P80

Canned Juice (Pineapple/Four Seasons)                                                                                                                  P80

Assorted Premium Teas (white, green, black, goji berry, Echinacea, roobois)                                     P120 - P200

Kava Tea (Fiji organic kava…the newest rage in SF and NYC)                                                                              P500

Yerba Mate (Argentinian Mate, Paraguayan Terere, Brazilian Chimaron)                                                         P150

Soft Drinks                                                                                                                                                                    P60

Teas (ask for the list)                                                                                                                                         P120 – P175




Bruschetta                                                                                                                                                                          P180

Squash Blossom Fritters                                                                                                                                                P180

Spicy Buttered Mushrooms                                                                                                                                         P180

Potato Fries/Chips                                                                                                                                                        P150

Onion Rings                                                                                                                                                                   P180

Blue Fin Tuna Carpaccio                                                                                                                                              P250

Pork Lechon Sisig                                                                                                                                                          P250

Spicy Buttered Shrimp                                                                                                                                                  P250    




Bacon Aglio Olio                                                                                                                                                            P200

Pesto Pasta                                                                                                                                                                     P200

Tuna Pasta                                                                                                                                                                       P220

Chicken Tomato Based Pasta                                                                                                                                      P220

Sun Dried Tomato & Mushroom Pasta                                                                                                                      P250




Tomato Cucumber Salad                                                                                                                                            P180

Salade De Fleurs                                                                                                                                                          P180

Som Tam Thai (Papaya Salad)                                                                                                                                    P180

Blue Cheese Pie Salad                                                                                                                                                  P250






        Bolinao Dinengdeng                                                                                                                                              P150

        Pinakbet                                                                                                                                                                     P150

        Ginataang Gulay (Mixed Veggies w/ Coconut Cream)                                                                       P180



        Spicy Salted Egg Crabs                                                                                                                              P350

       Grilled Butterfly Shrimps w/ Lime Butter Dip                                                                                               P250

       Rellenong Bangus (Stuffed Milk Fish)                                                                                                               P300

       Sinigang na Hipon (Tamarind Based Broth w/ Shrimps)                                                                            P280

       Fish of the Day (Grilled/Sinigang)                                                                                                   P400 – P500

       Tom Yum Goong                                                                                                                                          p300



       Beef Burger (100% Grass Fed Bolinao Cows  w/ Cheese & Fries/Chips)                                              P220

       Thai  Green Curry Chicken                                                                                                                                     P250

       Thai Red Curry Pork                                                                                                                                                 P250

       Fried Chicken w/ Lemon Pepper Herbs                                                                                                            P280

       Sangyupsal (Korean Spicy Pork w/ Sesame Oil Dip & Green Wraps)                                                    P350

       BBQ : Pork/Chicken

                  -Original Birdland Marinate                                                                                                                     P280

                  -Korean Bulgogi Sauce                                                                                                                               P300

                  -Honey Lime Glazed                                                                                                                                    P300

                  -Thai Satay Sauce                                                                                                                                         P300

      Tinolang Manok/Sinampalukang Manok                                                                                                          P280

      Nilagang Baboy                                                                                                                                                          P280





Special Halo-halo w/ Ice cream                                                                                                                                   P120

Lemon Pie w/ Ice cream & chocolate syrup on top                                                                                             P180

Apple Pie w/ Ice cream & Chocolate syrup on top                                                                                              P180

Choco Toffee Pie w/ Ice cream & Chocolate syrup on top                                                                                P180

Fresh Fruits Ala Mode                                                                                                                                                    P180

Hand Made Toffee from Berkeley, Ca. by Jen Bruggerman                                                                             P120

Binungey (Sticky Rice in a Bamboo w/ muscovado sugar on the side)                                                        P150

Ice cream of the Day w/ chocolate syrup on top                                                                                                  P120

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READ READ READ: All rates are exclusive of 12% VAT and 10% Service Charge. That way we do not have issues with you at the resort.

Vat and service charge exclusive. Rates for 2. We are minutes away from Patar White Beach, underground caves and Bolinao Falls.
This is the most photographed kubo at Birďland Beach Club. 12% VAT and 10 % Service Charge exclusive and charged upon check in. It has privacy screens to keep elements out. It sits on a coral reef and perfect sunset view. Comes with mattresses and bedding. Rate is for two. I just listed this recently cause it's my favorite kubo which I used privately but now decided to share it with the public. Very breezy so bring a… lexo më shumë

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Bolinao, Ilocos Region, Filipine

Barangay Arnedo is the cleanest barangay in Pangasinan voted in the last three years. Our place is quiet and void of videoke machines.

Ofrohet nga pritësi Michael

U bë anëtar në qershor 2016
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Well, where do I start? I'm a Filipino American recent transplant to the Philippines. I taught as a university lecturer at UC Berkeley, made birdhouses under the San Francisco bay area based Berkeley Rustic Birdhouse label, and ran a infamous and legendary jazz club in Berkeley and Oakland, Ca called Birdland Jazzista Social Club. I now live in Bolinao with my wife who own and operate a healthy dried snack company called Simone's Original Snack and raising two little kids. All modesty aside, I was infamous in Berkeley(look me up) but now enjoying the average (kuya) Mike anonymous life in a small provincial town. Birdland Beach Club We are the first truly eco oriented resort in Bolinao. We built the resort around the existing four million year old coral instead of destroying them unlike many of the other local resorts. All the pathways are sand so there is minimal destruction to the environment. Our style is neo-traditional and rustic shabby chic; imagine Makati or Bonifacio Global City flats but on corral rocks facing the beach. Imagine bamboo, mahogany, and grass kubos with modern amenities. It is owned by wife and husband team,  Bolinao's pride and joy, Joanna Ledesma and Filipino American, Michael Donato Parayno. ​ Birdland Beach Club is for those individuals seeking a priceless experience and who have "been there, done that" already and are no longer seeking the most spectacular swimming pool or manicured landscape. BBC is blessed with magnificent sunsets, continuous Amihan(northern) breeze, and the biggest infinity pool called the West Philippine Sea. ​ We grow our own fruits and vegetables served on the resort. We don't use msg, betchin, gmo products, and magic sarap in our cooking.  We don't use white sugar or brown sugar in our food preparations but only muscovado, honey , and fresh milk. We are vegan, paleo, and vegetarian friendly. Pets are welcome and the can stay in your cabanas. ​ As the owner and former university lecturer in immigration history at the University of California at Berkeley and former owner of two legendary jazz and blues club in the San Francisco Bay Area,(Birdland Jazzista Social Club), I've travelled over 60 countries, stayed in countless resorts, and dreamed of building the perfect eco resort utilizing native materials with minimum destruction or alteration to the natural environment. Birdland Beach Club is the culmination of those travels and experiences with a focus on art, music, food, environmental stewardship, and culture. ​ My wife, Joanna Ledesma, also produces healthy organic, non GMO dehydrated fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood on the resort under her company Simone's Original Snacks, named after our daughter, Michaela Simone, who enjoys eating healthy. Her products are sold all over the country in health oriented grocery stores, resorts, hotels, and restaurants. She and partner, Mitch Ongpauco opened a store called The Great Food in Makati on Gallardo Street near Greenbelt 5 in 2017 featuring healthy foods. ​ Our higher prices of our rooms reflect our philosophy that labor rights are respected. Our workers earn 30 to 40 percent higher salaries than comparable resorts in Bolinao and they keep all the service charges. So most of our staff if not all earn over P10,000 to P18000 per month, which means they don't have to leave their families and go overseas to endure the abuse, exploitation, oppression and indignities that Filipino OFW's have to face or even go to Manila or other urban areas to find work further contributing to the uneven development of the Philippines between the core economy of Metro Manila and the peripheral economies of the province. What's good for our workers is the best for us and our country as a whole. Our construction crew also earn more than Manila rates since they receive part of the service charge and operate many of the resort tours and activities. ​ Birdland is not a quantitative experience but a qualitative one. We are not a bucket list item but a pensive and introspective journey towards our personal growth and potential for ourselves, friends, and family members. Birdland is for those who love nature, simplicity, and peace and quiet. It has been described in social media as the perfect "hugot" place. Equally, it is just that perfect place to chill on a duyan(hammock), drink a mojito or caipirinha and watch the sunset and evening stars while jazz or bossa nova faintly floats on the ocean air. ​ Bolinao has still has that unspoiled beauty that is reminiscent of Boracay 40 years ago. It is laid back with white sand beaches without the crowd of El Nido, Boracay, or Bohol and overly commercial resorts and hotels. Birdland in the first boutique eco resort in Bolinao. BTW, we also host the annual West Philippine Jazz and Blues Festival every March(March 10, 11, 12, 2017) and will debut our Sunday Organic and Art Farmer's Market mid 2017.  We host the first Bolinao West Philippine Sea Indie Film Festival May 27 and 28, 2017. Traveling is not learning about a new place but learning and understanding more about yourself.
Well, where do I start? I'm a Filipino American recent transplant to the Philippines. I taught as a university lecturer at UC Berkeley, made birdhouses under the San Francisco bay…
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We live on site so you can ask us for tour advice and assistance. We want you to enjoy your stay.
  • Gjuhët: English, Melayu, Português, Español, Tagalog
  • Niveli i gatishmërisë: 95%
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