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Olive oil & Wine tasting with Lunch
I will pick you up from Rethymno region and drive you to an old friend's:"Kanakis". He owns a olive oil factory where you will learn about the process of olive oil production and taste the finest Cretan olive oil! We will have a Greek coffee before we go to our next stop. After a 10' drive we will reach one of the best wineries of the region. There we will teach you the history, tradition and the latest developments in the production of wine and all information on the particular characteristics of the Cretan “terroir”. You will participate in a fully guided tour of the plantations of the winery, the cellar and the production area. The tour will continue on to the wine tasting room, where you will be able to taste five types of wine, accompanied by traditional rusks and olives.​ Finally we will visit the small and beautiful village of Vrysses in order to finish our day with a glass of raki or the Cretan "limoncello", accompanied by Cretan delicious snacks. If the food is too much...no worries a short walk in the village will do the trick before we return :) **PLEASE CHECK IF YOUR HOTEL IS WITHIN THE LIMITS FOR PICKUP/DROPOFF: From Adelianos Kampos to the east of Rethymno to Gerani to the West, and from Rethymno city to Atsipopoulo to the south***
Traditional Cooking Class - Cook with Cretan Vibes Family
You'll prepare 4 different Cretan family’s recipes in an outdoor cooking space. You'll cook with pure and natural ingredients from our farm. You'll learn cooking techniques from mama Stella, our specialist in traditional Cretan cuisine. All the equipment and your personal apron will be provided by us. It's a 100% hands-on cooking experience! Local homemade refreshments and water will provided, too. In the end of the cooking experience, you will enjoy your own creations with some of local wine. Moreover, the leftovers will be packed and you can take them with you! The event will last approximately 3.5 hours and it will take place in our farm. We will cook in an open cooking space between two big olive trees, under a wooden roof! So, no worries at all about the sun. Furthermore, you'll receive all recipes and photographs from your experience via email. All in all, we would love to welcome you in our farm & be part of our family. Love to become a Cretan chef yourself having a unique cooking experience all together and sharing authentic Cretan flavors! Other things to note Please let us know of any dietary requirements or food allergies at the time of booking and we will prepare all the necessary changes in your menu. For safety reasons, children (under 18 years old) must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum drinking age is 18 years old
Snorkeling and spearfishing in Mediterranean sea
On this experience, called "Snorkeling and spearfishing in Mediterranean sea", you will get to know Mediterranean sea bottom and living species also you will learn basics of spearfishing or you will improve your existing skills by following professional speargun-fisher and official Free-diving instructor of the following organisations - federations: FDI, CMAS – EOYDA. Your snorkelling-spearfishing experience may be crowned with a delicious Greek dinner including fresh catch. Included: 1. Breakfast with fresh orange juice or cup of coffee during a short briefing of freediving and spearfishing. 2. Gear for snorkelling (if you are already experienced speargun-fisher – you will get and your own speargun); 3. Main plate of Greek dinner - our fresh fish catch (other food extra charged). Keep in mind that for this experience you will use your own car (to come at our base for the briefing and to go to the chosen beach, that we choose depending on particular day weather conditions).
Exploring Preveli & the Palm Forest with a local expert girl
Explore with me and discover Preveli Beach, as well as secret beaches around, a local taverna next to the water, all in the south part of Rethymno, where only locals go!! Eat, drink and rest like a local! We will have our fresh snacks, fruits & water while we will be driving all the way to the south part of the island! I will be picking you up from your Hotel or Villa in Rethymno and bringing you back home in the evening! The main goal of this experience, is for you to explore unique places that otherwise you wouldn't. We will make a stop in Kourtaliotiko gorge, in order to see the amazing river from above and later we will make a stop to watch one of the oldest stone bridges. Our final destination will be PREVELI Beach and the amazing Palm Forest, where I will be guiding you inside the secret path. Afterwards we will be heading to Agia Fotia with crystal clear blue waters and a traditional Greek taverna next to the water. We will have the chance to walk, hike, swim and enjoy a blissful summer day!
Wine tasting -Meet the Cretan Wines
Wine tasting- Meet the Cretan wines Meet the Cretan wines is a unique chance to taste some of the most important and typical Cretan varieties at the heart of Rethymno's old town, in an exclusive tasting room . A unique wine tasting designed by me so every visitor has immediate access as the wine tasting takes place in the center of the city! The best of this experience is that the wine tasting usually hosts a few people up to 8 .so you will have the opportunity to feel comfortable and enjoy your wines. We are going to taste five different Cretan wines accompanied by local delicasies such as dakos bread, olives , extra virgin olive oil , cheeses, cherry tomatoes . We will explore the history and the importance of Cretan vineyard through the eyes of a local sommelier . This experience is for those who love wine and want to get to know more about Cretan vineyard in a friendly, easy going and unpretentious way . Other things to know Please let me know of any dietary restrictions or food allergies . If the date / time you need isn't available please contact me and i will arrange it.
Try & Discover Scuba Diving in Crete
First, we will meet at our diving center in Almyrida, a picturesque village located 25 minutes away from the town of Chania. After doing a small theory session on the basic diving equipment and skills you need to know in order to go smoothly underwater, you will be ready for the actual dive of 45 minutes, up to 8 meters. You will be provided with full diving equipment according to your needs, and then, we will load the minivans and head to Koutalas beach, which is located within 5 minutes from our diving center, put on our equipment, and we will dive into the endless Greek Blue! We will see fish that belong to the Mediterranean ecosystem and glide through the crystalline waters of Crete. Although the day is relaxing and great fun, safety is ensured by diving to maximum depth around of eight meters, with a ratio of one instructor to every two guests. On top of that, we will take lots of pictures and videos that we will then send to your mail free of charge! Other things to note: This is a fun and easy activity for all who feel comfortable in the water.
Stand Up Paddling and multiple surprises Tour in Crete
​The tranquil waters of Marathi Bay make for a smooth and easy experience, allowing you to take in the area’s incredible scenery at your own pace! Your tour will start off with a quick Stand Up Paddling -SUP- lesson, a short demonstration on how to control your stand up paddle board and manoeuvre with skill, until you grow confident on it. If you already have some paddle boarding experience, we can show you new skills and provide unique and useful tips to help you improve. Each person will be provided with their own SUP and safety gear and then, we will head towards the jetty to enter the water and start our fun and playful aquatic adventure! This guided tour takes a route along the scenic waterfront of Marathi Bay, giving you 360° views of imposing rock formations, inviting you to dive into the endless, transparent Greek blue and teach you all about the fascinating yet fragile Mediterranean ecosystem. We often spot sea turtles, and we always see a variety of sea urchins, native as well as invasive fish. In this 2 hours venture, full of surprise elements, you will have ample time to swim, sunbathe, talk, make new friends, take pictures and videos and just relax under the Cretan sun! A laid back and relaxed experience, in very small groups of up to 8 people, suitable for all ages, that will be the highlight of your vacations in Chania!
Boat Trip with Guided Snorkeling & SUP
Join our 3 hours Boat tour with Guided Snorkeling, plus Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Our luxury speedboats and friendly crew will introduce you to the best snorkeling and swimming sites of Chania during our multi-stop tour! Blue crystal clear calm waters, excellent visibility, and views of the Mediterranean marine life will create unforgettable memories. Certified and highly skilled PADI professional divers will be guiding and accompanying you throughout the whole tour, making your underwater time an exceptional experience. High-quality professional equipment (masks, valve snorkels, fins, wetsuits, personal flotation aids) will be provided to you along with instructions about its proper use and ample time to get familiar and comfortable with it. Also, on the boat, there are available full face masks for those who wish to breathe through the nose underwater! You will also be given the option to try Stand Up Paddling, if you wish. Grab a nice stable board and glide over the crystal blue waters of Chania, under the guidance and the supervision of our highly skilled staff.  Whenever you feel like you need a refreshment while on board, our instructors will offer you fresh seasonal fruit and bottled mineral water. Moreover, your time with us will be recorded with our cameras and all photos, and videos will be sent to you for free as a return ticket to some joyful moments!
River Trek into amazing Kourtaliotis river
Join me in a unique river trekking experience at the heart of Crete island. We will discover the hidden wilderness of a Cretan gorge by hiking through it. The hike starts with swim to an amazing well hidden waterfall. Then we will follow the river's bed splashing into crystal clear waters and natural pools having fun inside a beautiful natural landscape. We will stop for a snack under plane trees before we reach a beautiful olive grove at the end of the tour! Last but not least if you wish to have lunch follow me in a shady Greek taverna for some tapas and a cold beer! . I will provide you with the suitable gear to enjoy the most of it . See you out there!
Cretan Breakfast by locals
Come with me in a taste travel of local tastes and Cretan delights.People who choose this experience will taste all the Cretan delights that the locals have for breakfast. They will enjoy their breakfast with an amazing view with organic products that came from our land. . This experience is appropriate for a romantic breakfast, for a surprise to a friend, for a family to spend time together and for all who want to learn about the Cretan food and Cretan culture!! They will taste fresh fruits and vegetables from our orchard, various fresh season juices like pomegranate,orange,lemon. They also taste local fresh hot bread and other traditional bakes from carob and other local ingredients. They will taste our traditional famous dish ntakos! Also included traditional homemade cheeses that my family makes from our small goat farm. My mum also will prepare some of her famous traditional cheese pies or pies with local season greens. In the traditional cretan breakfast also included fresh eggs from our chicken farm,nuts from our orchard, the best cretan honey,tahini,greek yoghurt, all accompanied with greek coffee with loukoumi!!! My mum will fry the pies in front of you and also you can visit the farm to see where the products came from.
Private hike to two unknown gorges in the region of Rethymno
This walk aims at making you discover this part of the island, off the beaten tracks, where nature often seems untouched and human presence is mostly embodied by... animals and agricultural activities! The hike can be divided in three parts: The first part can be the most demanding as to reach the start of the first gorge, we have some good uphills ahead! On the way, we will go through an old abandonned village, built some 400 years ago but quite well-preserved. The second part is easier as we enter the first of the two gorges; lush nature, boulders and water running most of the year (except for the hot months of summer but the shade provided inside eases the walk during those months). From one bank to the other and sometimes in the river bed, the walk reveals all its secrets; amazing rock formations, birds, goats among others. Anytime is good for a little break in the shade and you can rely on your guide to provide you with some bread & cheese, olives and even a nice coffee in the middle of nowhere! The third part is also easy; this one leads back to the village of Moundros and is more open than the first one; it will give you the chance to walk in more open spaces and enjoy views of the high walls of the gorge, sometimes overhung by vultures...but as this hike is for fit people, we shall have no fear of passing them!
Hike through Cretan Music
Our tour starts by a pleasant and relaxed walk near the foothills of mountain Psiloritis, which welcomes us to the village of Margarites. Beautiful narrow paths, amazing stone-built homes surrounded by spectacular architecture of old Venetian mansions, all these beautiful elements transfer us to the atmosphere of another era. The village of Margarites is famous as “the village of pottery art”, the tradition of pottery has been an integral part of this village for many generations; we will meet our friend Yorgos, a local, who will show you how the pots are hand thrown. A demonstration of his art will follow, that will certainly stay “carved” in our memory. Our next stop will be the gorge of Margarites, a beautiful landscape, located just thirty minutes from Rethymno. A rich variety of flora, in a lush forest of tall cypresses and low shrubs is just waiting to be explored. Going down the gorge, accompanied by the sound of running waters, one can admire the water and irrigation mechanisms as they were used many years ago. The exquisite and memorable experience leads to the forest glade. All of this, plus a simple but splendid chapel with stunning views, is just one unbeatable combination. As we reach the top and get closer to the church,our local musicians are here to guide us. Dance like a local in a summer fest and surrender to the dancing steps and the Cretan spirit.
The Cretan way of life in the mountains of Rethymno
On this tour you will have the chance to experience the authentic Cretan rural and agricultural everyday life. On the way from Rethymno city to my family ranch/farm we will make a short stop to the historic fortress-monastery of Vosakos. A 820 years old monastery of significant value for Christianity and Greek history. After we get a taste of how cretan culture was developed through history we will hit the road once more to cross the beautiful and wild “Talaia” mountains and find our way to the outskirts of the village of Apladiana. There we will meet my father Andreas, a Cretan shepherd and my mother Eleni who is a beekeeper and an excellent cook. As our guest you will learn all about the famous Cretan hospitality. You will get a full tour of the farm and you will be treated with a traditional lunch and a lot of house wine. My Father will tell you everything about the animals of the farm and my mother will guide you through the secrets of beekeeping. Full of knowledge and good food we will take a walk to the village, we will pass through orange groves, so you can enjoy some oranges right from the trees! We will explore Apladiana, where I will explain all the small details about Cretan weddings-a custom my homeland is renowned for. It’s an experience that will last a lifetime!
Private hike Mount Ida Psiloritis from Rethymno
Conquer Psiloritis, the highest summit of Crete, at 2456 meters! According to greek mythology, the Olympian god Zeus was raised on these slopes. The Psiloritis mountain range is listed as both a Unesco Global and a Unesco European Geopark because of its unique flora and geological features. We will enter the Psiloritis National Park, which is at the same time also a Unesco Global Geopark, and will ascend through a unique scenery which was formed millions of years ago when the tectonic plate of Africa started pushing itself under the European plate and this forced the southern edge of the European continent out of the sea. Gradually the flora will become more scarce on our drive to the Refuge "Lakkos tou Mygerou" at 1600 meters. We follow the Strata of Psiloritis which hundreds of people follow during a special event at the end of August every year. The 1st part will feature a rather steep climb, but the morning freshness, regular breaks and, if needed, slow pace will make everyone feel comfortable. After about two hours we will join the path coming from the Nida Plateau and we will be just underneath the Agathias Peak, with 2424 meters, the third highest summit on Crete. From here we take turn to the right and start an easy walk of 1 hour to reach the top of Psiloritis, the highest point of Crete (2456 meters).From here we will enjoy a splendid view over all mountain ranges
Cooking lesson based on the Cretan diet
your visit to our house includes -- a warm welcome -- with Cretan herbal tea or raki, traditional cheese pies with honey, and of course chatting to get to know each other. -- the cooking lesson -- is interactive and most food is baked in the wood oven. We prepare six traditional recipes: Also, the menu can be adapted to our vegetarian friends. -- Visit our botanical garden -- A short tour to our garden where you can see, smell and learn about the Cretan aromatic herbs and vegetables -- Meal -- the meal we enjoy includes the dishes we prepared and more ...
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