Vazhdo përpara për të hyrë në rezultatet e sugjeruara

    Si të bësh një fotografi të mirë për profilin në Airbnb

    Këto udhëzime mund të të ndihmojnë të fotografosh, të modifikosh dhe të ngarkosh imazhin.
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    Whether you’re hosting an entire home or a private room, guests feel more comfortable making reservations when they have a general idea who their Host will be.

    Your profile picture is important for making a good first impression. It shows up on your listing in search results, where it introduces you to guests interested in places like yours. When guests tap or click on your photo, they’re sent to your profile to learn more about you.

    We put together these guidelines to help you take, edit, and upload a great profile photo.

    Taking your photo

    The ideal profile photo is a current one that clearly identifies you. A well-lit close-up of your face that’s taken by someone else works best.

     Follow these recommendations for taking a great profile photo: 

    • Find the right setting. Choose a place inside or outside your home where you can sit or stand in natural light, with no direct sun or shadows on your face. Pick a spot where you have a simple background, like a bookshelf or a brick wall.
    • Recruit a friend or family member. Get someone else to take your photo with your phone’s camera, so you’ll have all the images. Ask your photographer to stand three feet (one meter) away from you and focus so your face is in the center of the image, leaving space around your head. If you’re inside, your photographer should stand with their back to any windows.
    • Strike a pose. Square your shoulders to face the camera. Place your hands in your pockets or at your sides. Avoid wearing sunglasses and holding onto or leaning against anything. Take a deep breath. As you exhale, open your eyes and smile.

    Editing your photo

    After you’ve taken your photo, use your phone to make any edits needed. Here are some suggestions:

    • Enhance your image. Go to your phone’s image gallery and select your image. Tap the edit setting. Select the auto-enhancement tool, which typically resembles a magic wand. This will make slight corrections to the brightness, color, and contrast of your photo. Avoid the temptation to do any additional retouching.

    • Crop your image. Select the cropping tool, which typically resembles a square formed by two intersecting right angles. Crop your profile picture into a square, using the grid lines to place your face in the center. Be sure to leave space all the way around your head, like in a passport photo. 

    When you’re finished, save your edited photo.

    Uploading your photo

    To add your saved photo to your profile, open Airbnb and go to your account settings

    • To add a photo from a phone: Go to your profile and tap the Edit link in the upper right corner. Next to your photo, tap the camera icon and Choose Photo. (You may need to allow the Airbnb app to access your photos.) Select your photo and tap Save.

    • To add a photo from a computer: Go to your profile, then click Update Photo below your current profile picture. Next, click “Upload a file from your computer” to find and select your photo.

    You can update your profile photo as often as you’d like.

    3 maj 2023
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