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Sunrise hike to Ella Rock
This is an opportunity to tick few wishes from your bucket list. It's not just about enjoy the peaceful sunrise from the top of Ella rock and I'm not here just to show you the directions. We will start this hiking from Ella town at 3:30 in the morning. We will walk along a railway for 2km and will start hiking from that point on. Sunrise will happen around 6am and the plan is to get there before the down. Hike doesn't take 2:30h, We will be having a peaceful walk sharing stories about the country and culture rather than rushing it to the top. If it's not near to the full moon, then I know the darkest spots in town for stargazing. Once we reach to the top you can enjoy it peacefully because the spot we are going to will be less crowded than little Adams or any other peak in Ella town. Day time is all about flora and fauna. I come from a family where one of my grand father is a Sinhala doctor for snack bites and the other is a hunter. I grow up with them in a village near to the largest rain forest in SEA. So I'm a natural when it comes to spotting birds and explaining plants. We have access to a tiny tree house with the view of Kithalella waterfall . Plan is to be back in town by 9:30-10. Depend on my availability for the rest of the day secret waterfalls, underground caves with ponds in them and visit to other attractions in town is possible. Those will be for an added cost. Other things to note Will provide a free pickup by tuk tuk if you stay close to downtown (2km range from the meeting point) Usually it doesn't rain in the morning. You doesn't need to be adventures to try this & there are no leaches. If its not available for your preferred date contact me.
Sigiriya and Dambulla With a Local
This Day Trip is fully covering Lion's Rock Of Sigiriya and Cave Temple Complex of Dambulla . I will pick you from starting point or any other place which situated with in Kandy City Limits by Air Conditioned Car . Your first site is Lion's Rock of Sigiriya which built in 5th Century AD . I will give full details about Sigiriya before climbing and you can climb your self and You can see Water Gardens , Boulder Gardens , Terraced Gardens , Frescoes , Mirror Wall , Graffiti and Royal Palace complex of King Kashyapa , the creator of this place . This will take 3 hours to explore fully . You can have Lunch after Sigiriya . After Lunch we are heading to see another UNESCO world heritage site called Cave Temple Complex of Dambulla . I will join with you to guiding in Dambulla Buddhist Temple which has beautiful wall , rock paintings and caves belongs to 17th Century and 1st century BC . You can have knowledge about Buddhism , Buddha Images , Philosophy of Buddhism and how Buddhism can influence us for our modern busy life . This will take 2 Hours . If you are interested about Spices you can visit Herbal and Spice Garden to see how those are growing and processing . If you are interested to experience Traditional Sri Lankan Village Life and Lunch You can Experience it Between Sigiriya and Dambulla .
From Ella Transfer to Mirissa/Galle with Udawalawe Safari
We will pick you from an Air Conditioned Car where you staying in Ella. Upon arrival to Udawalawe you will take an open concept safari jeep to reach the most adorable giant in the forest, Leopards, wild elephants. Apart from these giants, we will encountering for monkeys, deers, crocodiles, water buffaloes, a range of endemic birds and the list is going on. You may observe the natural habitats of these nature gifted creatures while our trekker riding though the forest. Upon completion of the experience, we will reach Mirissa, Weligama or Galle and suburbs and drop you to the destination hotel you're staying along with the amazing memories grabbed across this amazing day.
Experience Kandy with a local by TukTuk
I’d be honored to be your guide showing you my hometown Kandy from a local’s point of view. I will take you on a spectacular drive through the Sacred City of Kandy, now a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site. Let’s explore some amazing sights together as you get to know my hometown: We will visit the Sacred Temple of the Tooth, situated in the Royal Palace Complex of the former Kingdom of Kandy, I’ll drive you to the Queen's Bathing Pavilion, the National Museum of Kandy, the Buddhist Temple on the top oft he hill and a breathtaking view! On the way to a tea plantation we will come across one of my favorite spots - the banks of the river Mahawali. We will definitely see some monkeys on our day together - with some luck we might even spot a jaguar in the distance along the river. I suggest we grab some food at a local restaurant - at your own expense. Please make sure to bring drinking water, as tourists often don’t take our tap water well. I’ve got these favorite spots but of course if you have any preferences or places you’d like to see that aren’t mentioned above - just let me know and I’ll make sure to incorporate them into our day together. I’m happy to meet you at the railway station or even pick you up at your hotel. If you want to make this a full day tour, just let me know! I‘m looking forward to meeting you. :) Yours, Dinesh
Explore ella in deep- a full day tour
Summary - sunrise at Little Adam's Peak , Tea plantation visit, Demodara Nine Arch Bridge, Demodara Railway loop , Ravana Falls, Secret waterfall +great experiences in off the beaten track. This tour covers the top must do activities at Ella, Sri Lanka. Meeting point for the tour is Ella railway station. First we will hike to see the sunrise at little Adams peak mountain.its the best and most convenient place to see the sunrise at Ella. You can experience the changes of nature with the sunrise, specially the clouds and the continuing plane towards coast of Sri Lanka. This is more than a hike and you will learn much on flora and fauna, history and folkore of Sri Lanka and Ella too Afterwards, i will stop for your breakfast and then start walk to the nine arches bridge . Its a colonial era viaduct and considered as most beautiful railway bridge in Sri Lanka. we can see the train passing the bridge and it is worthy to have that experience. Then we will visit famous Demodara Railway station . at there you can see the spiral railway loop. During this drive, we will stop in a beautiful tea field(not a factory) and you will learn much about tea and history of ceylon tea. After these key sights, we will bring you to experience authentic Village life at a farming village closer to Ella as well as to a secret waterfall. This would be a golden memmory in your travel.
Ella One Day Tour by a Tuk-Tuk
Join me at Ella , amazing mountain village at Uva Province of SriLanka. Experience the one day Tuk-Tuk ride and create memories you cannot forget. It's not only site seen Tuk-Tuk Summary - Ella Little Adam's Peak, Nine Arches Bridge, Demodara Loop, Rawana Waterfall, Halpe Black Tea Factory. I will pick you from any hotel/villa you staying around Ella. First we will hike to Ella Little Adam's Peak (to see the best sun rice) Little Adams peak is the best place to see the Ella gap and the plain continues to the southern coast of Sri Lanka. This is more than a hike and you will learn much on flora and fauna, history and folkore of Sri Lanka and Ella too Then we will visit Nine Arches Bridge. is the most attractive colonial era viaduct in Sri Lanka. We will ride you to this unique bridge and show you the best spots to take your memorable photos. Afterwards, Demodara Railway Loop and Railway station, is a highlight of upcountry railway track. Also this is the only railway station in the world that has spiral railway track and a tunnel made just upon it. Then we drive to Rawana waterfall, is the most massive waterfall at Ella and we will drive you there during this tour Then we drive to Halpe Black Tea Factory, This remarks another highlight. you can explore the tea making process and taste the fresh tea During this tour i can stop as you request to get the meals & refe
The Tea Tour
Welcome to Hatton, the Heart of Ceylon’s Tea region! Please join us on one of our special Tea Tours, where you will experience the full “plant to pot” process. • Walk amongst the tea in the tea fields • Meet the pluckers • Learn their technique • Try your hand at plucking • Visit the weighing stations • Go to the factory, to learn about the processing: o Withering o Rolling o Drying o Shifting o Testing o Packing • Drink freshly made and brewed tea!
Trekking in the Knuckles Mountain Range - Sri Lanka
 Please contact me as soon as your booking is confirmed, and you will be advised to arrive at the pickup point at 6.00 a.m. Upon pick up, you will be driven to the starting point of your trek. Please wear loose fitting clothing i. e. hiking clothes.  We will provide you a few essential items that include rain protection attire, bottled water, packaged snacks and leech socks. II will guide you to see and experience whatever you wish to encounter during your trek.  During your adventure trail through the clouded forest, you will see some jaw dropping views, and I will lead you to a hidden waterfall that you may be able to bathe in crystal clear cool waters while enjoying the surroundings.  At the end of your trek, I will take you to a rural village where you will be warmly welcomed to a local villager’s home and brief you on village life. Having rested, you will have the unique opportunity to taste local beer & truly authentic Sir Lankan lunch prepared by locals, prior to being driven back to your pick-up point. The trek is 8km (~5 miles), however, it can be lengthened or shortened to suit your preferences.
Explore Kandy with Suraj
I would meet the travellers at the central market Kandy,guide them on an explained tour in the market,then take them on a walk around the Kandy Lake,which will be followed by the tour which shows them the many temples which is around the temple of the tooth,after that we will head towards the big buddha which is located on top of the bahirawakanda hill where you can see the whole city of Kandy from a birds eye point of view As a local from Kandy,I am well aware of the places of interest in Kandy,I would love to share the knowledge with the tourists who visit Kandy,show them around visit local restaurants, local products of the local community. We will meetup at my home,discuss about your likes,and we will explore the city,the historical places ,nature and the local market together
Kandy cooking class
enjoy the best cooking experience in Kandy you will meet Mr Ranesh in the meeting point and after you can collect fresh vegetables and fruits in Kandy central market. then ride with our place and experience step by step how-to cook Sri Lankan traditional cooking tips in your hands hope you guys with us.
Yoga and relax
I will be having expert yoga teachers who will be conducting this experience at my place..we will be conducting a conversation session including mindfulness, and philosophical teaching, the tea session after the yoga classes would allow guests to connect more with the spiritual aspect of life
Cook & Eat The Sri Lankan Way
Join with me to understand the taste of Sri Lankan vegan food and we will teach you how you can make them when you return.we will teach you seven different authentic Sri Lankan vegan family recipes I have learnt from my grandmother and customised them to satisfy your taste. We will give you a detailed demonstration on the spices we use in our Cooking prior to the cooking lessons then you will join me in cooking all of them while writing the important tips on the cook book I give you to take home as a discussion piece. I do this for the past 12 years and we are the most reviewed and visited cooking class in Ella town.
Kandy cooking class with village family
Fun, Food & Learn Traditional Sri Lanka food is very enjoyable and world famous, but cooking it yourself adds yet another dimension to the experience. We pick up from hotel then travel to cooking lesson. We do cooking classes in Kandy at a house located in quiet residential areas just outside the city. Each day of the week there are different menus on training, reflecting the cultural and culinary traditions of Sri Lanka. Other things to note Lessons typically last 3-4 hours but can vary depending on how good you can cook! at the end you have to find transportation from yourself or we can provide it so you have to pay for it.
A Sri Lankan Cooking Experience
A cooking class / session to show how a typical Sri lankan meal is cooked. the experience would include: An Introduction to the curries cooked and how it is cooked. An introduction to all the ingredients & spices used. How the spices are prepared in a traditional way How the ingredients are prepared based on the required quantities Experience cooking & tips. Experience how the table is arranged in a traditional Sri Lankan way. Taste / Enjoy the meal prepared. Other things to note This is a cooking experience in a traditional Sri lankan house. You will be learning how a typical Sri lankan meal is cooked and enjoy the meal afterwards.
Water Fall & tea plantation Trekking
Sri Lanka Highest Waterfall Morning we take the trine to starting point This tour offers you the opportunity to hike on one of the most famous hiking in Sri Lanka the water fall trekking to babarakanda falls the highest fall in Sri Lanka through a path in the mountain with panoramic view in the tea plantation and tea plantation villages and we will meet the family’s live in the village , and we see the lady’s picking tea in the plantation and we can also join them for 10 or 15 minutes to pick some tea and experience the tea picking that we drink tea all our life A harsh 18 km trail from Ohiya to Bambarakanda Falls near the Horton Plains.After from a tea plantation village you will be going down to a forest and reach to a waterfall called “Lanka Falls” lankafall is one of the most beautiful waterfall in the hidden forest not many people visit this fall so most of the time the all waterfall just for you to enjoy, and where you would be able to swim and have a cold bath in the natural pool at the base of the waterfall. we continue our trek further down where you will come to see Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall “Bambarakanda” than we take our transport back to Haputale Other things to note very Special tour all about Tea, water falls, forests, train ride, very remote villages and You will be enjoying every bit of the journey with the mind-blowing beauty of the surroundings. Every day we Operate this program so you can book any best days for you
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