Vazhdo përpara për të hyrë në rezultatet e sugjeruara

    Si host, si mund të bëj një ndryshim në një rezervim të konfirmuar?

    If you need to make a change to a confirmed reservation, you can submit a change request to your guest. You can request to change the dates of the reservation, the price, the number of guests, and the specific listing (if you have more than one).

    1. Go to the Today tab and click the reservation. If the reservation isn’t shown, click Show more to get a list of all of your reservations.
    2. Select the reservation you want to change
    3. Click Change or Cancel 
    4. Choose Change Reservation
    5. Click Submit Alteration

    If the guest accepts your request, the reservation will be updated and they'll be charged or refunded if necessary. If the request is declined or you don’t receive a response, the reservation will stay the same.

    There are a few other things to know about submitting change requests:

    • Your chosen cancellation policy will apply based on the new dates.
    • If the dates of the reservation have already passed, you can’t make any changes to the reservation.
    • If you want to change the details of your requested changes, you’ll have to repeat the steps above and remove your request, and then submit a new one.
    • If you changed your pricing, the new reservation will reflect this pricing.
    • Make sure that the changes you're requesting or accepting don't conflict with your listing's current settings.  
    • To request additional funds from your guest, you can do so directly from the Resolutions Center.

    Note: For reservations in India, you can't make any changes to a reservation that results in an increased price. If you want to make a change like this, you'll need to cancel the existing reservation, and then make a new reservation that specifies the increased price.

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