Vazhdo përpara për të hyrë në rezultatet e sugjeruara

    Si të kërkoj sipas lagjeve?

    To help you decide where to stay, you can search by neighborhood for a number of cities.

    To search by neighborhood:

    1. Search for a city on
    2. Under the price range slider, click More Filters
    3. Next to the Neighborhoods section, choose a neighborhood you want to search. If you don’t see this section, that city doesn’t have any neighborhoods recorded on Airbnb

    You can also type the name of the neighborhood you're looking for in the search field, or browse neighborhoods by clicking different locations on the map.

    At this time, not all locations have neighborhoods on the site, but we’re actively working on adding more.

    How do I know which neighborhood to choose?

    If you’re not sure which neighborhood is the best fit for your trip, you can use the Neighborhoods page for your destination to get a description of each neighborhood based on research with locals and city experts.

    In the Airbnb app, you can provide extra information about your trip to see more personalized homes and neighborhoods. You can choose filters such as property type (for example, apartment or castle) and neighborhood types (for example, “hip” or “quiet”). You can also indicate if you’re traveling with any children or pets. Using this information, along with a number of other search and ranking factors, we’ll display neighborhoods and homes for your specific trip, as well as “Popular” listings based on our existing ranking factors.

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