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Konfirmo kartën tënde të kreditit ose të debitit

Sometimes your bank will need to verify it’s actually you making an online payment with your credit or debit card. This verification process uses the 3-D Secure (3DS) authentication framework. Like most online merchants, Airbnb has created a process in payment checkout to allow banks to perform 3DS authentication if they want to, and this appears as the Confirm your card screen after you click the Confirm and pay button.

What’s needed

Be sure that you’ve updated your payment security settings with your credit card provider or bank, so that this authentication step happens the way that works best for you. Additionally, make sure your contact information with your credit card provider or bank is up to date.

How it works

  1. Airbnb uses the 3DS framework to contact your card-issuing bank in order to check if they would like to authenticate the payment.
  2. If the bank requires authentication, they will send over an authentication request that Airbnb will display for you to complete. This will pop up in the Confirm your card process in the payment checkout screen.
  3. Airbnb does not know or control what type of confirmation your bank will present, and it could vary based on the capabilities of the bank.
  4. Once you complete the request as instructed by your bank in the Confirm your card pop-up screen, Airbnb will attempt to charge your card.
  5. If you fail or exit out of the Confirm your card authentication request, your bank will not allow your card to be charged and so the payment attempt will fail.

When it’s required

Banks and merchants all over the world may use 3DS for the security of their cardholders.

In Europe, a process called Strong Customer Authentication, or SCA, allows banks to authenticate online payments made by their customers, and SCA uses the 3DS framework. This means that banks in many European countries will use 3DS for most online payments processed in Europe.

Strong Customer Authentication is designed to prevent unauthorized use of your card by confirming that you are the one making the payment.

Confirm using your device

You may see an alternate process asking you to use your device to confirm the payment, by taking the same steps you would typically use to unlock your device (ex: face recognition, fingerprint, or device passcode). This method is optional.

In this version of the Confirm your card process, you may receive a message that “Google Chrome is trying to verify your identity on”—this is expected.

Using your device to confirm your card will not result in Airbnb or any partners collecting your biometric information, such as face or fingerprint images or your device passcode. In fact, that type of information will never leave your phone or device in this authentication process.


Unable to complete the authentication challenge

If you’re not getting One-Time Passcode texts from your bank when confirming your card, or are otherwise unable to complete the request from your bank:

  1. Confirm your payment authentication settings and contact information with your credit card provider or bank.
  2. If your bank security settings appear correct and further payment attempts still fail, consider trying a different payment method.
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