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Programi Matterport

as part of an upcoming Airbnb project promoting homes with accessibility features, Airbnb is offering an exclusive limited-time offer for free 3D home scans from Matterport, a leader in 3D space capture technology.

Eligible hosts will receive:

  • Updated accessibility feature images that will be added to your listing upon your review and approval
  • Comprehensive 2D floor plan added to your listing photoset

This project is invitation-only based; only hosts who receive the invitation in their Airbnb inbox are able to participate for the indicated listing.

Before booking your Matterport 3D scan

What is Matterport?

Matterport 3D scan technology collects measurements such as door thresholds and doorway widths without you having to get out a measuring tape. 

Matterport uses specially designed cameras that create a dimensionally accurate 3D model of your home. These models will help validate the presence of accessibility features in your home and provide images of the identified features.

Why am I being offered a Matterport 3D scan?

We’ve identified your listing as being a potential fit for an upcoming Airbnb project highlighting homes with accessibility features. A Matterport 3D scan allows measurements such as door thresholds and doorway widths to be collected and validated so guests can understand whether your space will meet their accessibility requirements.

The scan will also provide a 2D floor plan, which guests may find helpful for understanding the layout of your space, and which areas are accessible to them.

Is my listing required to have a Matterport 3D scan?

No. However, if your home includes certain accessibility features revealed by the Matterport scan then it may qualify to be placed in the Adapted Category.

If you do not want a 3D scan, you can simply choose to decline the offer using the provided link. Nothing in your listing will change—any accessibility features that are live on your listing page will remain there for guests to see.

I already have accessibility features on my listing, do I need a Matterport 3D scan?

Only homes with Matterport scans will be eligible to be featured in the Adapted Category. If you choose not to take advantage of the Matterport scan opportunity, any accessibility features that are displayed on your listing page will remain there for guests to see, but your listing will not be part of the category.

What is the cost/price?

For a limited time only, Airbnb is offering this service for free for the purpose of this project. 

What are the benefits?

  • An opportunity to be included in the Adapted Category 
  • Updated, robust accessibility feature images

How long does it take to complete the Matterport 3D capture?

Depending on the size of your home, a Matterport scan typically takes 1 to 3 hours.

How will the Matterport 3D scan be used?

  1. Matterport will complete a 3D scan of the home, and then will use proprietary technology to analyze the scans, measure doorway widths and step height, and extract images of accessibility features and create a 2D floor plan with room dimensions.
  2. Images from your scan will be added to the Accessibility Features section of your Airbnb listing page upon your approval. You can remove these features and photos at any time by going to the listing you want to edit and selecting Accessibility and then Edit.
  3. A detailed floor plan with room dimensions will be uploaded to the listing photoset for your convenience. You may delete the floor plan at any time.

Please Note: Accessibility product features may be limited for Luxe Hosts. If changes are required, reach out to Luxe Host Operations team.

My home is not accessible, am I still allowed to have a Matterport 3D scan?

If your listing does not have any accessibility features, or you would not like to be part of this project, you can simply decline the invite in the provided link.

Who are Matterport’s Capture Technicians?

Matterport’s Capture Technicians are a network of trained professionals. Once you have confirmed you would like a free Matterport 3D scan, Matterport will assist you in connecting with one of their technicians to schedule your 3D scan at a convenient date and time.

How long is this service being offered?

To be eligible for a free Matterport scan, the scan must be completed by May 20, 2023. Please note that if you received an invite before November 16th, 2023, you are still eligible for a scan as long as you complete it before the date stated above.

My listing is fully booked, can I schedule this for later on in the year or next year?

This is a limited time offer. In order to be eligible, the Matterport scan must be scheduled by May 20, 2023.

Scheduling your Matterport 3D scan

How do I schedule my Matterport 3D scan?

  • After you have accepted your offer for a free Matterport 3D scan, you will receive an email from the Matterport team at the email address associated with your Airbnb account. asking you to complete a form to kick off your scheduling request. In the event you do not receive the email, we recommend that you check your spam folder, as it may have accidentally ended up there.
  • You will be asked to include in the form two preferred dates for your home scan. Based on the provided times, a Matterport capture technician will engage with you (via the same email address or phone) to confirm a preferred time. They may also explore other times that are mutually agreeable.
  • If you haven’t received an email from the Matterport team within 3 days, please reply to the initial message you received from Airbnb. Remember to check your spam folder in case the email has ended up there.

    How can I make a change to my Matterport 3D scan appointment?

    • You may cancel or reschedule a scan by going to the Matterport form link provided in any of the Matterport emails.
    • Once a reschedule request is submitted, Matterport will again reach out to confirm the new appointment date and time.
    • If you reschedule your scan on more than one occasion, you may lose the opportunity to participate in the program.

      I already have a 3D scan of my listing, do I need to schedule another scan?

      To be eligible for the upcoming project on Airbnb highlighting homes with accessibility features, you will need to schedule a new Matterport 3D scan.

      Preparing for your Matterport 3D scan

      How should I prepare for my Matterport 3D scan?

      The goal is to clearly capture all accessibility features in your home:

      • Place any temporary or modular ramps that provide step free access into or around the home in place for the scan.
      • Put shower chairs inside the shower / bathtub. If you have a wall mounted shower seat, please ensure it is folded down for guests to clearly see the size of it.
      • Open any shower curtains / doors so that grab bars or shower seats are clearly visible.
      • Ensure any other accessibility features or pieces of mobility equipment, such as hoists are visible inside your space.

      Matterport 3D scans capture your entire space in detail. Unlike traditional photo shoots where one room is captured at a time, the entire space should be camera ready.

      Make sure everything is where you want it. Matterport 3D scans work best when objects stay put, and moving them between scans can cause processing problems. Ensure everything can remain stationary throughout the scan.

      Best practices for showcasing your home


      • Making sure cars are not parked in the driveway or in front of the house
      • Making sure garbage cans, newspapers, hoses, and other items are put away
      • Making sure exterior pathways leading into your space are cleared


        • Opening blinds/curtains on windows/doors
        • Turning on lights, including in closets and bathrooms
        • Making sure TVs and monitors are turned off
        • Opening closets that you wish to be captured (guest accessible spaces)
        • Cleaning surfaces such as floors, windows and mirrors
        • Removing clutter
        • Organizing and straightening furniture, bedding, and decor
        • Hiding anything you don't want people to see, such as personal or private items, garbage bins
        • Putting toilet seats down
        • Pulling back any shower curtains

          After your Matterport 3D scan

          Will I be able to approve the accessibility feature images before they are uploaded to my listing page?

          Yes, you will receive an email from Airbnb requesting your approval for each accessibility feature image. Any photos and features that you approve will be added to the Accessibility Features section of your Airbnb listing page.

          How will the 2D floor plan be added?

          The 2D floor plan image, provided by Matterport from the 3D scan, will be sent along with the accessibility feature images for you to review and approve. If you approve, the floor plan image will be added at the end of the main photo gallery on your listing page. You can always remove the photo from your listing photo gallery at any time.

          What if I do not want to approve the new images?

          You are always in complete control of your listing page and you have the ability to remove any accessibility features and photos from your listing page at any time. However, it is important to note that removing accessibility feature images from your listing may exclude you from the opportunity to be highlighted in this upcoming Airbnb project. 

          Will I have access to the Matterport 3D scan?

          At this time, we are unable to provide the Matterport 3D scan. Matterport uses this scan to confirm accessibility features such as step-free entrance, step-free shower, and shower and toilet grab bars.

          Once the Matterport scan is complete, your listing will have:

          • An opportunity to be included in the Adapted Category on Airbnb, if it meets the eligibility requirements
          • Updated accessibility feature images
          • 2D floor plan that will be added to your listing photoset

          When can I expect my approved images and floor plan to be visible on my listing page?

          For Matterport scans completed by April 30, 2023, we expect confirmed accessibility feature photos and floor plan to be available to you by late-June.

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