Vazhdo përpara për të hyrë në rezultatet e sugjeruara

    Përgjigjet e recensioneve

    Honest reviews help Hosts and guests to grow and find the right fit in the future. But sometimes you may get one you disagree with.

    The right to respond

    You can post a public response to a review that someone has left for you within 30 days of its posting. While you can’t remove it, you can report it if you think it violates our Review Policy.

    Otherwise, feel free to respond with more context or to provide your own perspective, so long as you, too, follow the policy.

    Përgjigjet ndaj një recensioni të kohëve të fundit

    1. Shko te Profili > Recensionet
    2. Kliko Recensionet që ke marrë
    3. Shko tek recensioni të cilit dëshiron t'i përgjigjesh dhe kliko Lër një përgjigje

    Your response will be posted immediately, and you can’t edit it after that—so take your time and really think about what you want to say.

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