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    Kantoni Basel-Landschaft

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    This article provides specific information about local laws that apply to people who host their homes in Basel-Landschaft. Just like our country article for Switzerland, it’s your responsibility to verify and comply with any obligations that apply to you as a host. This article can serve as a starting point or place you can come back to if you have questions but it isn’t exhaustive and it doesn’t constitute legal or tax advice. It’s a good idea to check to make sure laws and procedures are current.

    Some of the laws that might affect you are complicated. Contact the Canton of Basel-Landschaft government directly or consult another local authority, such as an attorney or tax professional, if you have questions.

    Guest tax

    The Canton of Basel-Landschaft has levied a guest tax since January 1, 2014. While the tax is required, guests receive a couple benefits as a result: a guest pass and mobility ticket.

    Mobility ticket

    The mobility ticket allows visitors to use the public transportation system in northwestern Switzerland for free.


    As a host, you're responsible for giving your guests the guest pass and mobility ticket. Before welcoming your first guests, you should register as a host with the responsible contact person and apply to have their guest passes and mobility tickets sent to you. You can find out more information about issuing guest passes/mobility tickets to your guests, how to fill out the mobility ticket, and who is authorized to receive one on the Baselland tourism site.


    As of 1 April, 2018, we automatically collect the Canton of Basel-Landschaft’s guest tax forward it to the cantonal tourism department on your behalf. You won’t need to collect and forward it yourself.

    The tax will be listed separately on your guests’ invoices and added to the total amount they pay for their stay.

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