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Tokio, Japoni

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  • Food
    Japanese confections
  • Pije
    Powdered green tea
  • Food
    Chargrilled fish, rice, miso soup, egg roll.
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Tako pritësin Jun&Souei

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Graduates from a school of traditional tea instruction in Kyoto, we (Jun and Souei) have more than 18 years of tea experience. We believe that time for tea can help bring peace & harmony to the world.
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We will meet you at the Toritsu Daigaku Station, just five stops from Shibuya. We will visit the Japanese confectionary shop Chimoto and choose our sweets together. The next day, we'll visit the local fish shop to prepare for our Japanese cooking.

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korrik 2017
maj 2017
We had such a wonderful experience meeting Jun and Suoei at their beautiful home. Learning about the tea ceremony and traditional cooking was really interesting and Jun and Souei made us feel totally at home. This was a really worthwhile and special experience in Tokyo. Thank you both!
maj 2017
Jun and Souei made us feel so welcomed and comfortable! I cannot recommend this enough. They are the most kind people we have met in Tokyo. It made our trip here much more memorable and fulfilling. We gained a perspective into the traditional Japanese tea and cooking that was fantastic! I urge you to do this experience 😊
maj 2017
Absolutely amazing experience. Jun and Souei and wonderful people, who opened their home to us and really made us feel welcome there. The tea ceremony was absolutely fantastic, being one of the most authentic Japanese cultural experiences I had in Tokyo. The lunch on the next day is an excellent way to have a more deep contact with both the hosts and the guests, allowing for the sharing of some great moments together. I definitely recommend this experience to everyone.
prill 2017
Without a doubt, this was one of the best times of our week in Tokyo. The sincerity of Jun & Souei and their love for sharing the traditions and cultural significance of the tea ceremony is really special. If you enjoy Japanese cuisine as much as we do, the second day of cooking and preparing lunch will provide tips and techniques that you will take home and use. Again, the joy that Jun and Souei share during the meal is obvious, and we felt like we were dining with our long-time friends. This experience is highly recommended.
mars 2017
Don't leave Tokyo before meeting Jun and Souei...otherwise your trip to Japan won't be complete! First of all and even before meeting Jun and Souei the way that they answered my inquiries and request was dripping kindness. Yes!!! Dripping kindness!!! I was still not sure about going to Japan and I was considering other destinations; However when I received the first messages from them replying to my requests and questions I was amazed by their answers which looked like it was coming from a dear friend or a family member. They added dates especially for me and my family when I told them that the dates which were published won't work for me. They accepted for my kids to join in without extra charges. I didn't even had to ask, they offered! !! When I realised how good, genorous, gentle, kind, and extremely respectful Jun and Souei, we decided to go to Japan and enjoy our vacation among such people. Then we finally met them and to our surprise they were even nicer than what we thought. The amount of knowledge that they shared with us was incredible. We entered their house extremel house jet lagged, tiered and stressed (10 hrs flight with kids plus profession stress). When we went out we were balanced, relaxed, energized,full of joy and happiness. The ceremony and the teaching they shared with us planted a sense of internal peace that we still feel today after one week. After drinking the tea prepared by Souei I could almost feel my life span extending by two years! My 6 years old daughter is hyper active and easily distracted, but somehow in the house of Jun and Souei she stayed calm and followed all their instructions successfully. After the tea I asked Jun where can I buy tea cups and she explained the available options and shops. Since I'm a big fan of antiques, she offered to take me to this great vintage and antique shop where I bought everything I needed for extremely good price. She also answered all my questions about the meanings of the drawings on the cups. Then next day we all prepared a meal in fun and heart warmin g atmosphere. It was a meal that satisfied our senses and cultural thirst. Not only this was an outstanding cultural experience, this was also healing experience. I'm convinced that if we have more people like Jun and Souei this world be a much much better place :) This was the highlight of our visit to Japan

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